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  • Just Frustrated~

    Well to start off just had to rush to the hospital at 5am on Saturday morning. I am allergic to something really bad. Had a major reaction. Of course they cannot explain what?? Of course I am allergic to everything anyway. Now I have been having a reaction (on site only) to my Vivelle Patches for about two months on and off. I guess I have to stop them now. So now I had to get a Epi-Pen shot along with a prescription due to the fact that I am also allergic to Benadryl and Prednisone. Yes--LUCKY ME~~~~ So now I have to find another estrogen replacement--- As if I needed yet another problem. I feel better since I got the injection- My family-- well I just took my xananx -- if that says anything-- How do you keep sane I wonder?? Any advise on estrogen replacement? That is safe?? Esp- since I have IC now and am allergic to everything?? Help~~ Tami PS- I hate it when they say just call your doctor Tuesday-- And what hope for the best??? UGH!!!!

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    Coming from a family of allergies, I absolutely know how difficult it can be to track down a specific allergy. Sometimes it takes keeping a complete diary of everything that goes into our bodies and everything we touch. I know of one instance of a man who had an allergy just on his left hand and wrist --- after a great deal of record keeping over a period of months, it was discovered he was allergic to the paint on his mailbox! He drove home every day, stopped his car and reached into the box to pick of the mail.

    And I have one grown son who can eat ham and can eat apples, but if he eats them both in the same day --- he's allergic to the combination.

    Good luck on finding exactly what's causing your problem. I hope you find it very soon.

    Warm encouraging hugs,
    Stay safe

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      Thanks Donna- I am trying really hard to be optimistic as usual- just don't know what estrogen replacement to ask for now? Vivelle- well I have been on that for three years with no problems. My pharmacy said that they can just change one ingr. in the adhesive and BAM! That might have been the whole problem. Any advise on a replacement? Thanks Tami


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        Have you ever had allergy testing to find out everything you are allergic to?? Just a thought.

        Mine son is that way, so am I. Allergic to most stuff outside, but my son has a nut and egg allergy. He is 11 and never had a birthday cake. You would not believe how much stuff has eggs in it. He also has a epi-pen

        Good luck
        God grant me the serinity to withstand the days ahead!!!

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          Severe Allergies

          Yes, I have been tested twice in the last five years alone. I am allergic to everything. (outside) I am on medicines for all of that. I have asthma also. Right now my main concern is trying to find a new estrogen? I need to tell my doctor something tomorrow. I don't want to just let them call it in--- because I already know that I can not take syn-oral pills. My body breaks them down. I used to be in injections. Then I was ablr to maintain with the Vivelle. Now I don't know what to do?


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            Allergy Shots

            I hope you are able to find a replacement for your estrogen. Luckily, although I had a hysterectomy over 6 years ago, I still have my ovaries. Which is a good thing, I was never able to take birth control...too many side effects. Have you tried allergy shots? My son and I both started on them about a year ago and I can tell a world of difference in both of us. He does not get sinus infections every other month like he used to and my asthma has been better. I still get attacks, but not as many. It really has been amazing. I am wondering if testing for food allergies would help the IC flares.