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Feeling really down.

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  • amartaingirl
    hate job

    i hate my job
    i hate my job
    i hate my job

    everyday i wish i could afford to be you.

    you should look into a home based businesses.
    you know..sell mary kay...or candles..or something
    just something to keep you busy

    your own schedule
    small income
    get out of the house a while

    there has got to be alot of lonely military wifes out there.

    i dont sell anything..but i sure buy alot of it.
    i love that stuff!
    i need a new marykay lady anyway

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    Thank you everyone. Sniff sniff!
    I feel so bad because there are days I just dont feel like posting on here and I know others need support and it just sucks!
    I just hate being the sick one and saying AGAIN that I dont feel well! I just cant stand it. I also lost my insurance for 9 days and this resulted in not being able to get any of my meds and I got sooooo sick. I hate the fact that I have to take medicine everyday or I get terribly sick. Withdrawals are like the worst thing on earth. I have insurance again now but I am paying dearly for it.
    I know exactly what you mean about everything being so tough when you are down Briza. I feel so lazy sometimes. I used to scoff at people who watched a lot of TV and now I watch a ton of it!
    I hope that things go okay with your job though Briza. One thing I dont regret at all is not working in a job like my last one. I made a ton of money but it wasnt worth it, at all. The stress nearly killed me. but the bills have to be paid somehow! And being married to an artist I am the one who makes the money.
    I have been wondering how you were Kara? Are you hanging in there? I checked your blog the other day to see how things were going for you. I hope you are okay.
    I have also been following your case Ronda and I am furious about how they have been treating you. The only thing I can say is dont give up. I know that is easier said than done. I went through the same pain mgmt nightmare before I found my wonderful doctor.
    I am going to take your advice JJ and watch a good movie! That always does distract me! Thank you.
    Love Sarah

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  • Kara29
    Dear Sarah,

    The moving situation and feelings that you are going through with it do happen to others. I've done the move thing and I have the exact same feelings.....The work contribute to us and we LOVE YOU! I'm 31 and in the same boat. Maybe it's time to talk to someone about these feelings so that you can work on ways of coping with them.

    I'm sorry you are feeling so down. I wish there was more I could say but all I can think of is that you are not alone.


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  • leelee88
    Oh Sarah,
    I really believe the feelings you are having are something we have all felt at one time or another.. Esp us who have a disease like IC..I have many times felt like a failure because I cannot work, but hun it is not our fault that our bodies have broken down and we are not alone. There are so many more people out there who want to work just like us, but honestly just cant..So please dont let that get you down, that is not your fault at all!!!
    You mentioned you would like to write a book,well I think that would be a great idea and it would also keep you busy and keep your mind off things. So you might try that. I know writing is great therapy..I wish you luck and I sure hope you start feeling better soon(((((((((((((hugs))))))))))


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  • sandymarie
    so sad

    Hi Sarah'

    Soo sorry you are feeling sad and down. I think we all know where you are coming from. It is so depressing when you want to do something, but don't feel like doing anything. You are not alone. Ic work hard on a person's emotions and feelings. You are worth a whole lot, There is a plan for you and I am sure you will find that things will look up as you go . I look for a new message every morning on this site, It just feels good to know that someone know or acknowledges that you a alive. I read the post most days too. Sometines I have such big plans and then end up doing nothing. Please don't give up on yoursellf things can change and prayerfully they will soon find a cure for ic. That is my hope everyday, especially for the younger ones. Ic is hard on a marriage, the persoon who has it and their mate, and children. The only thing that helps me is to watch a funny movie or just maybe spend time listening to some uplifting music. Hope you feel better soon.


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    started a topic Feeling really down.

    Feeling really down.

    Hi my fellow Icers,

    Sorry I havent posted on here for awhile but I have just been feeling really down. I do read everyone elses posts often but just havent felt like posting. I just feel so weird, really happy sometimes and really sad others.

    I also get this feeling of worry that I have never had before. Like I just start to really worry about my future and life and my marriage. I try to calm myself down but it doesnt always work.

    I do love Hawaii but I hate living with my in-laws. I miss California only b/c i miss my family so very much. Well and the restaurants and food prices! 6.50 for a gallon of milk is pretty steep! I feel so torn. I feel lonely in HI and then come to California and feel terribly lonely and miss Hawaii!. Is that normal for those of you that have moved often?

    I also dont know if I should even post this next thought b/c I dont want to offend anyone. PLEASE know this is just MY thoughts and MY feelings on how I should live my life but I feel like a loser for not working. I am still bringing in income from other places so financially I am okay, even if I am using some of my savings. But I dont feel like I am contributing anything to society and some days I feel soooo lazy. And when people ask me what I do I am so ashamed to say I dont work! I have always been very high energy, success oriented and now I am afraid I will never do anything with my life! I know this sounds stupid but I feel like it is already too late for me, Im 26!

    There are just so many other things, I could write a book but I know that would bring anyone down. I just wanted to at least get this off my chest. I feel like I am just pretending every single day and I wonder why people around cant tell I am drowning?