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worried and down(whiney post warning)

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  • worried and down(whiney post warning)

    So, this is what I've been brooding and brooding about for the last month.
    Our grand daughter, Zoe, is going to have her Bat Mitzvah, in Michigan,(we live in VA.), at the end of June. Of course we want to go and are planning and hoping to go. However, I seem to keep developing new and uncomfortable health conditions besides my IC. These conditions are making me miserable and are so diffuse and varied that it's hard to know what to treat first, so in typical fashion for me,I've stopped doing anything,(excpet MRI for my bad back and knee). Also so tired I don't really have the energy to start with new docs and tests etc. etc. I know that's counterproductive, but I just can't seem to get my butt into gear.
    The things that are bothering me are; my IC, though not terrible has gotten worse in the last couple of months , my cystocele, which had completely stopped bothering me is now really annoying, some, excuse me for this, rectal problems to include, sorry again, leakage, ugh, my back which is giving me fits and doesn't allow me to even walk very far,(I am working on this one), my knee which is sometimes so bad I can't put weight on it,(working on that too), and my usual, fibro, IBS, headaches, husband(that one is incurable)!! and as I said earlier, general fatigue that is also getting worse.
    Anyway, the thing is, how am I and my husband, who also has health problems and feels crummy most of the time, going to go to Zoe's Bat. M and be sociable with all the people who are coming, including some relatives I could live without seeing for my whole life, look nice and partcipate in the weekend,(actually, we are going up a few days early at our daughter's request), when all we both want to do is curl up and sleep, or maybe go for a short walk with the dog, and then sleep! To add insult to injury, people keep razzing us about whether we are going, since we have missed lots of family get togethers that were less important, IMHO. If one more person says to me, so are you going to Zoe's Bat Mitzvhah, or, boy are you going to be in trouble when you don't make it to Zoe's Bat M, hee hee hee I'm going to punch someone in the nose!
    I haven't even made flight reservations yet because I'm feeling so stressed about all this. I still need to find a dress, maybe loose some weight, get husband to buy some presentable clothing, and figure out how we're going to get my husband's BI-Pap machine,(much larger than a C-Pap), to Michigan, on a plane. BTW, really not looking forward to flying even though it's a very short flight.
    I know this must all seem trivial given what some of you are going through, but it's eating at me, so I thought I would bother everyone about it.
    If you're down here now, thanks for reading my whiney post!

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    First of all, the airline will make arrangements for medical equipment so that's not a worry. I really think it could help your outlook if you were to make plane reservations now. That way when people ask, you can simply say how fortunate you are that you were able to get the reservations you wanted.

    Sending encouraging hugs,
    Stay safe

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      I just want to say I TOTALLY understand how you feel. It's how I feel about almost everything coming up, anytime at all. Thankfully my knee and back are ok, but I remember that too!! My girlfriend called this morning to tell me that She and my "gaggle" of girlfriends are renting a beach house at the beginning of June. Do I want to go? I DON'T KNOW!!! I don't know how I'm going feel tomorrow!!! Also, they've decided not to fly from Dallas to the Alabama coast, it's going to be a ROAD TRIP!!! I DON'T want to do that when I'm feeling GREAT!!! So I'm sure that's all I'm going to hear about until the trip is over and then I'll have to hear about what a great time they had and look at all their pictures and ooh and aahhh over them appropriately.
      So believe me, you are whining to the choir, lol!! Sorry things suck so bad right now.

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        I imagine plenty of us understand to one degree or another. While hubby & I are pretty lucky health-wise so don't have that added stress, we sure have "some relatives I could live without seeing for my whole life".

        You don't mention where you're planning to stay. Hubby & I used to stay with family but I've learned that for me, it's better to stay in a hotel. Sometimes I just need to "get away" -especially if my IC acts up, and this gives me a quiet, private place to go for refuge.

        It's not trivial if it's eating at you, so do what ever you can plan-wise to minimize your discomforts!
        "The happiest people don't necessarily have the best of everything; they just make the best of everything they have."


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          I have found that making the decision one way or another will make it better. Going back and forth on what you should do will just keep you stressed. I'd suggest making a decision about it, and I really like the suggestion on staying someplace away from the others, maybe a nice B&B (if you decide to go).

          Hope that helps some.
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