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so i was gone for a bit..antibiotics help temporarily then ur back right where u were

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    Hi Angela,

    I know it's easy to say, but please try to start eating again as you don't want to become run down and lacking in nutrients and energy. You must keep your strength up to fight this thing! There are some great recipie books out there for I.C.'ers. If you are only drinking liquids you will need to pee even more.
    Has the doc told you why you are unable to pee?? I find it extremely difficult to start the flow of urine. But I recently had an operation to stretch my urethra which has helped a lot already. Maybe you could ask about this?
    I know how you feel about Doctors - but once you find the right one, it is so much easier. I stuck with the same one for over a year before finally making the switch to someone better. It has helped enormously.

    Am thinking of you, and wishing you well.

    Jem x

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  • flowerangela
    thanks bob.. the diet..i dont really eat much anymore cuz im scared to. afraid i will cause myself more i drink vanilla protein drinks/shakes everyday. they dont seem to bother me.ive lost about 10 lbs.. down to 130 lbs now. dmso hurt like hell today.drs basically told me to go home and take my percoset take a bath and pass out. i still cant pee. theyre not doing anything about that.i'm about to just go the natural route.. and stop going to drs. i have an appointment w/ my therapist before i go back to the drs so i will prolly discuss it with her. i just dont feel like all these medicines are doing me any good.

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  • bob04951
    Hang in there! And please look at the diet and try to stick to it. A huge help. Watch your meds, always consult with your doc before trying to add any herbal supplements. It will get better, it just takes time, sometimes the road is long, but you will get there. Keep your chin up and stay in control. You are strong enough to deal with this! Hope you feel better soon.

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  • so i was gone for a bit..antibiotics help temporarily then ur back right where u were

    in pain today and going to get the dmso today..dont really want to but whatever is supposed to help. i really thought god had answered my prayer w/ those 3 pain free days.