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Crying at our age at doctors??

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  • Crying at our age at doctors??

    This may sound childish or stupid. First off I never had a pap smear. I choose not to get married, be intimate with a man or have children. I honestly can't deal with being in a romantic relationship. I have had boyfriends in the past but I just was so boy crazy. I have aspergers and a learning disability.I wonder about pap smears and IC. I read that for women with IC having a pap smear is so painful. Have any of you cried when a doctor or nurse inserted the speculum? I don't like to show myself without clothes to anyone. Is it ok to cry at doctors offices as adults? I'm 33. I'm fine with vaccines and blood tests though. I don't cry, scream or yell. I'm sure some adults do.

    I also do acupuncture twice a week for the IC and acid reflux disease. Has it helped a lot of you? Or has the acupuncture made your IC worse? The acupuncture doctor told me how antibiotics are bad for the body. Acupuncture can cure a UTI. I don't know. Can needles actually cure a bacterial infection? I rather take antibiotic to completely get rid of the UTI. I take Duricef for UTIs. I can't tolerate Cipro, septra, sulfa, or any penicilin type drugs. Is it ok to take Duricef for example on a monthly basis? At times it gets me nauseous that I have to drink sprite or ginger ale with tons of ice.It does irritate me because of the acidity. Several days ago I did go get acupuncture done. I was in there crying, not yelling or screaming. He put the needles on my left wrist which is the anxiety point. Have you felt your funny bone? Well it was worse pain than that. I felt the pain radiate from the elbow down to tips of fingers. I couldn't even drive with my left hand. I couldn't turn a door knob. I cried so much because my left arm was hurting so bad. While I was crying in the office, his female assistant and the front desk young woman were laughing. What a coincidence! Laugh at the patient as soon as the patient is in tears! So rude and unprofessional. It was the perfect moment. There were no patients in the waiting area. The room I was in is by the waiting area. I don't care how old the patient is. Whether 5 years old, 15 years old, 80 years old, etc. Whenever a patient cries, it is rude for any doctor or nurse or admin staff to laugh at the patient. We have different tolerances of pain. I guess I won't be going back to this acupuncture. He didn't laugh at me but who knows if he laughed at me once I left the office. That's the problem I face. I can cry when I'm scared at the doctors or when the doctor or nurse did something to make me cry whether by words or when they check me. How do I know what happens once I leave? Doctors, nurses, admin staff can complain about so and so patient to their co workers, families or friends. But maybe the laughing wasn't about me crying at the acupuncture. I do understand Korean. I'm half Korean. Maybe the two women were laughing at something else, who knows. But what perfect timing! I cry, the two women laugh. Have any of you been through this if you are in yours 20s or older? Have any of you cried, then the doctors or nurses laugh at you? Or you just simply cried at the doctors?
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    Having regular pap tests is very important. It's much better to cry a little than to risk not having the test done.

    You'll do fine!

    Warm hugs,
    Stay safe

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      Many people have doctor anxieties. Do you not have a buddy you can take with you? You don't want to drive after an appt if you get that anxious, no one wants to see you get hurt. Maybe doc will let you have a xanax or something before your appts, but you will need someone to drive you. I think a lot of us cry at some appts, it does not make you a baby. But the pap is over now and you should try to just forget about it and not dwell on it. Sure they were not laughing at you, you just thought so, it was a coincedence that someone told a joke while you were there. Don't forgo your regular appts because of your anxiety, it is important to take care of your body. Hope you feel better. Jill, wife of Bob


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        crying at our age

        I agree with Donna. Have the test, and if you want to cry, cry.
        I think one thing I've learned now that I've reached the ripe OLD age of 62, is, who cares what someone else thinks, especially doctors and nurses. It's not your problem at all. Besides, I think most doctors have seen it all, laughing, crying, everything.
        I hope this helps a bit.


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          I don't think that accupuncture should make you hurt so much that you can't drive. I really don't know that for a fact as I have never had it but from reading on it, I think that isn't right. You might want to let him know how much it hurt last time. I know how bad the funny bone is and I can't imagine a lot worse than that.
          As for the women laughing, I think we all have some insecurities about things like that. Like when we walk into a room and people start laughing coincidently and we think it is about us. I have ALWAYS felt that way. It is just our own insecurities and those are hard to get over. From reading your posts you seem very insecure about your aspergers. I know by me saying that you shouldn't be isn't going to help but have you thought about seeing a counselor or psychologist to help you work on these feelings? It might be worth it to try.
          As for the pap smear, I am sure they have seen many, many women cry or get upset about having one done. I know people that are so afraid they won't even go, that is not good at all. It is very important to have one yearly, or as often as your Dr suggests. You are very good about taking care of your health and you should be proud of that.
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            Some people are stricken with anxiety about needles, doctors, dentists, etc. I think shouldn't feel bad about crying. At least you made the effort to get treatment.

            Getting a pap is important for your health. Consider doing that for your overall health.

            Is there anything you can do to calm yourself before an appointment, such as taking anti-anxiety meds? (just for the appointment)

            I agree it was rude and unprofessional for the staff to laugh. There is the chance they weren't laughing at you. Let's hope so.

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