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Valium and Percocet combined

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  • Valium and Percocet combined

    Has anyone taken Valium and Percocet combined? I have a medical procedure this Friday that will be done in the office. The doctor told me to take Valium 2mg, and Percocet 5mg one hour prior to procedure. If that isn't enough, taken 1 more of each medication 30 min prior to procedure. Will this make me at least semi sedated? I understand that women going through C sections take Percocet. I did take Percocet after my wisdom teeth was taken out, but Percocet didn't make me drowsy. Maybe the Valium will make me more sleepy?

    Also is the the norm for doctors to prescribe these two drugs for anxiety before seeing a doctor? I know some people are afraid of dentists. I'm completely fine with them and don't need medications to see a dentist.
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    You probably shouldn't drive after taking either medication. If you're going to have some kind of procedure, I think something to help you relax is a good idea. Valium may make you sleepy --- it does me.

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      Make sure you have a driver when I took valium for a procedure I was totally out of it.
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        which procedure was this and did they give you valium oral medication or through IV? Mine will be oral medications but at the lowest dosage. I just want to be so drowsy that I don't feel the procedure at all.
        In memory of my beloved best friend in the whole world! Timmy (West Highland White Terrier)

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