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Can't stop thinking about my bladder.

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  • ICNDonna
    It should go away with time. I know I felt that way at first, but as time went on I learned to appreciate the good days without worrying about the bad ones.

    You'll get there.

    Warm hugs,

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  • nineteenwinters
    started a topic Can't stop thinking about my bladder.

    Can't stop thinking about my bladder.

    Hey all,

    So I am having a really hard time not thinking about my bladder today. I had a small bit of Root beer yesterday and was on the 'flare lookout'. But nothing has popped up as of yet so I am thinking I won't flare from it.

    I don't know if this all even correlates or not. Today I literally can't stop thinking about my bladder. You know how you can contract your muscles a little and it tells you if you have the 'need to pee' feeling? I can't stop doing that.

    Last night even though I only got up to pee every 3 hours I couldn't help but feeling depressed like, "OMG is this a flare?" When last month going every 3 hours would have been a miracle.

    It's like I panic every time I have to pee now.

    I get this feeling of dread. I can't seem to get over it. How do you deal with this? If you have ever felt like this did it go away a while after you were diagnosed?

    To clarify this 'I probably have to pee' feeling is not the same as I get when I am having a flare. I can sit here and have this 'I probably have to pee' feeling and not go for like 3 more hours. When I am having a flare that feeling means I have to get to the restroom in like 10 minutes or less because I really do have to pee.

    I don't think anti-depressants/OCD meds would work. I have been on them before and they do not stop those feelings of 'sudden panic' for me.