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  • down and frustrated

    I feel like no one gets it and as much as they won't to really can't understand how bad I feel right now. I feel like my world is falling apart all of sudden and I don't know why.

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    I know why. It's because you don't feel good anymore. It's because everyday you have to think about the discomfort and the inconvenience. It's because feeling the way you do conflicts with all of the activities and interactions you experience everyday of your life. It's the uncertainty. It's the dread. It's the lack of control.

    It is all of these things and more that make you feel like your world is falling apart.

    But think back and remember how things were before you had these feelings and this pain. Remember how normal and good and easy things were. It can and will be that way again. Stay strong and work to find treatment that fits your needs and lifestyle. It might take some time, but it is well worth the investment.

    Things will be good again. Until then, buckle down and do something that can make you feel better now, in this moment. Do some light stretches. Read a good book. Get a heating pad. Take an anti-inflammatory or pain killer. Whatever you can think of. Shoot, zone out on a social networking site. Anything for a distraction or soother.

    You can email or chat me up sometime if you want. I'm no medical expert, but I've had to become an expert at patience and distraction while waiting for the good to come again (and it will for you too!).

    [email protected]


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      I know you're going through a rough stretch right now, but things will get better. Have you talked with a counselor? If not, I suggest you do as soon as you can.

      I hope your tomorrow is better.

      Stay safe

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        Depression is something that will not just go away. I understand how you are feeling. You need to address this depression, the farther you get in the longer it takes to get out. Please make an appt with doctor and if you don't want to say how you are feeling, write it down and show them. I know from experience that it can be so hard to "talk" about. Just think about it this way. Your mind and mood control SOOO much of our health, body, and immune system. When you are depressed your body cannot act normally and thus it is harder to fight things. It would be really hard to help alleviate some of your IC symptoms if you body is depressed. I know when I was I was always in pain and sick. I wish you good luck and hoping you see a dr.
        -Pammylynn Rose
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