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    Well I had been doing so well for so long by following the IC diet and I am on elavil and vistaril. 3 weeks ago out of the blue.. my bladder got really bad. Like horrible pain and doubling me over when I would urinnate the burning was so bad. So I went to the dr they did urinalysis put me on Cipro and pyridium. Fast forward to a week later the same thing happened. Went back to the doctor and they gave me a rocephin shot and pyridium and put me on macrodantin. They said I still had blood, wbc and bacteria. Well the next day after the shot they had me give them a urine sample to culuture. It came back negative. So I dont know what is going on. I feel like I have been kicked and my bladder feels like it is burning. And then on top of all that.. 4 months ago my husband told me he wasnt happy anymore and he had found a new woman.. she was 24 and I am 34. So it was hard but I filed for divorce.. Well 3 months later he is back telling me he made the biggest mistake of his life and he cant live without me and he grew up.. SO I slowly started seeing him again. Everything was great and he seemed so different but now I feel like he is backing up. I am scared and I have a lot of anxiety. I am scared to start over.. because I do have IC and how do you explain that to someone new. And I am scared to keep trying with my ex.. because I am not sure he has changed. I just want to be ok. Thanks for listening.

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    I'm sorry to hear that you're having a hard time with your health and your husband.

    I wonder whether your doctor is getting a false negative on your urine cultures because you started an antibiotic. Just a thought.

    I hope you can find some answers for your bladder and some peace in your personal life.



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      I am sorry that you are going through the ringer. But stress is a killer on IC, let alone any bladder issues. So you don't need the extra strife of "man" issues right now.

      Don't worry about explaining anything to someone new. People that are worthwhile will see your medical syndrome as something that is part of you, and if they love you, they have to love you with that. Plus, hello? Kinda got your hands full at the moment - dating should not even be a priority.

      Tell your ex that you are focusing on your health right now. He can either help you get through it and love you unconditionally, or he can hit the road. Either way - make your bladder #1 right now - not any man.

      I was worried when I first started dating my future husband that he would run for the hills when he discovered that AT THAT MOMENT I was a walking kidney stone factory and constantly in and out of Dr.s offices/hospitals with my bladder - this all at the age of 22. I even called off our 4th date and told him he wouldn't be interested in a girl like me.

      You know what?

      He showed up to my house, while I was in my pjs, no makeup, trying to pass a kidney stone on pain meds........ with my favorite lemonade drink and heating pads for my back. He has been helping me ever since. Is he always supportive or say the right things? No... he gets frustrated too - and I often feel like he resents my condition for keeping our marriage from being normal. Sex may not always be an option - but I love him 10X more in a million other ways in return for enduring my pains with me. It's all I can do.

      I hope you find some hope for yourself and the confidence to know that you deserve to be loved
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      Dx'd IC : 9/2010 Dx'd PFD : 4/2012

      Currently on:
      *Back on Elmiron [100mg] + *Elmiron/Bicarb/Lido INSTILLS 2x weekly----*Nortrel Birth control--*MagOx400--*Nitrofurantoin (1 after intercourse to avoid UTI's)--*Prelief--*Prosed--*Clonizapem--*Flexeril 10mg--*Zyrtec
      *PT for IC&PFD - Both hands on/all-up-in-there approach, and the breathing techniques/stretching approach--- helpful, but difficult to continue at home and make time in daily life

      Didn't work:
      *Nexium ,*Sanctura , *Enablex ,*Atarax ,*Allegra,*Arginine
      *Elavil (2 pills and I passed out, cold on the floor....)
      *Hydrodistention - Done by the best Dr, but did not prove to relieve any pain over long term at all
      *Gabapentin (DANGER - Caused suicidal thoughts, inconsolable crying & erratic behavior when mixed with Clonazepam & Flexeril)

      Hair loss/thinning/breakage Elmiron 300mg daily caused to my hair.... it is NOT a slight side effect


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        Hugs!! I am so sorry that you are going through this! It is hard enough to have IC and to go through a relationship problem like you are!! I just want to give you a hug.
        The diet has been working amazingly for me. I know that it's hard to believe but the IC diet works!
        I really hope you get everything settled .. annd feel much better!
        -Pammylynn Rose
        Wishing everyone a pain free bladder day!

        Painful symptoms start in May 2011
        Diagnosed with IC in Aug 2011

        Axert (only for rare migraines)
        Strict IC diet
        Gluten/dairy/egg free diet


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          Thank you

          Thank you so much for all your kind words. Sometimes it is nice to be able to vent to people who understand IC. I am just trying to stay positive through all of this and I know my life could be much worse. Thank you so much and I hope you all are doing great