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  • so much anxiety

    I have an appointment with my doctor in 4 days but I can't take much more of this. I am practically not eating or barely drinking. I have so much anxiety over this. I feel bloated so I try to pee, but when I pee barely any comes out. I figure it's because i'm not eating or drinking very much. and I tend to want to go to go to the bathroom every hour or two. so with such frequent trips to the bathroom and lack of eating thats why I'm not peeing much right? I have anxiety that what if no pee comes out at all? My mom keeps telling me drink lots of water but then I feel bloated and then I get all tense and worried that what if all that water I drank, I won't pee it out. I think I'm so worried I go to the bathroom when I don't even feel like going just to make sure alittle comes out. I'm really stressed out and all tense. I keep thinking maybe I should go to the ER but then they will do a UTI check and it always comes back neg. and then they send me home. It usually is a waste of time. I just need to express my feelings thats all and hope maybe someone can write me back with some encouragement. Not something to add to my anxiety. I am seeing a doctor wednesday, then hopefully he can send me to a uro, but who knows how long that apt. will be? I keep telling myself, stress, and tension, and anxiety are making me feel this way. has anyone else felt like this?

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    If you have not been diagnosed with IC or urinary retention, quit worring, you will have plenty of time to worry after diagnoses. I realize this is easier said than done.

    I have both above conditions, IC does not mean you will get retention.

    Your mother is right drink and drink lots of water. At least if you drink you will have something to pee out. Your urine will be less concentrated, will pass easier, and will be lesspainful.

    If you want to do something while waiting to see your Dr. follow the IC diet, and drink lots of water. The water also helps flush youe system out.

    What you are doing now is going to make you feel lousy.

    Find something to do to occupy your mind till your app.

    Goodluck MG
    My are with you all. May you all find a way to peace and joy in your lives.


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      Thank you so much for the reply. I needed to hear from someone. I have been following the IC diet for almost 1 month now. I know coffee was really the number one thing that was affecting me. And then on top of that I would eat anything and have flavored drinks. after a few hours I would have the urge to pee about every ten minutes and be going a good flow every ten minutes. I would have the pelvic discomfort, and bloated feel. It would be awful. I didn't want to go through that again so I changed my complete diet. I was 112 pounds and now I'm down to 106 pounds. I am only 5 feet tall 32 years old. ever since the diet change i only feel the need to go about every 2 hours. i still think my bladder is recovering. But just Wednesday I started my monthly time and have had the discomfort and slightly more urges to go. (i think due to the cramps)
      so I believe the lack of water and stress and not eating much at all has got me all messed up. I am gonna try to get more involved in something maybe to take my mind off things. and drink more water. It just doesn't seem like my bladder can hold much, after 2 hours there is the pressure to go.