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estriol helped with vaginal dryness

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  • estriol helped with vaginal dryness

    on 11/22 I started estriol 0.1% got it from a compound pharmacy and am finished with the first 7 day dose. I'll tell you what about 20 min after the first dose I could tell immediately that symptoms from vaginal atrophy were subsiding. Pressure was gone from urination start, mimicking UTI symptoms were gone and for the next 6 days I felt normal again. There was no burning or any side effects whatsoever for the whole 7 days. Will continue 2-3x a week and hope it stays that way!

    As for UTIs I have one now that did not respond to antibiotics macrodantin or fosfomycin mid nov, but I am hoping that after this UTI gets taken care of the estriol will help a lot.
    Diagnosed with IC sept. 2008, treatment then was hydrodistension, heparin instills for about 4 months and IC diet; symptoms lasted until sept 2009. Then only a couple of relapses overworking, stress etc. Then completely in remission until Jan. 2016 now pretty much symptom free as of mid august 2016.

    Symptoms: overall body aches, dryness feeling at vaginal opening, sitting makes it worse, standing makes it worse, stress makes it worse, no frequency or urgency, worse symptom is at night with panging of uretha/bladder.

    - went on diet, started Cysto Renew 3/31/16 and yoga at least twice a week.
    - tried uribel but really not for my symptoms since it seems it is for frequency and painful urination which I don't have
    - Ativan when needed to relax.
    - Elmiron only took for a couple of days; didn't like it
    - took atarax 1/2 10mg atarax pill at night really helped but gave me nightmares
    - tramadol worked great for back aches
    - generic claritin D worked best for me for calming bladder down and my panging
    - still taking cysto renew 4x a day and believe this and diet helped the most.
    - took dosage of cysto renew down to 2x a day and still ok

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    That's great. I'm glad you found something that is helping. I hope the infection goes away soon. Thank you for sharing your experience with estriol --- sharing is caring!

    Stay safe

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