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Has anyone tried Vagifem?

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  • Has anyone tried Vagifem?

    Hello everyone.I took my mom to a uro-gynecoligist yesterday.He had examined her good to see if her bladder or bowel had prolapsed.Thank god that this has not happened.But what the dr did discover was that my mom was very red up in her vagina when he looked up in there with the spectulum (I do not know if i spelled this right).So anyway he also noticed that mom's pelvic floor muscles were very TIGHT.He was hardly able to examine her she was so TIGHT up in there.The more that he tried to examine her the more in pain that she cried out to.Ok the dr asked if she was on any estrogen.She said no.She had a total hysterectomy back in 92 and has not been on estrogen since about 2 years after that surgery.He told her that this may be one reason as to why she is so tight down there and unable to empty her bladder and that was becasue she was DRY and needs some estrogen down below.The dr also took a swap just to make sure that she did not have a yeast inffection.That was clear.He told her that she was so red down there because she has not been on any estrogen.Also he suggested Physical therapy.The type to help her losen the pelvic floor muscles.So he is getting her set up with a physical therapist for that.She had taken physical therapy last year.It was the Kegels and the Quick Flix.He told us that those were the wrong exercises for a person that has problems emptying their bladder and their pelvic floor muscles are already tight.He named the exercises that would help losen her pelvic floor,but I cannot remember it right now.He wrote her a Rx called vagifem.It is an applicator that comes with a pill inserted in it.And you just insert it into the vagina.He has her on this for 7 days once a day and than after that 2 times a week once a day.He gave her this because he stated that he wanted something that was going to help and get her some estrogen down below so that maybe this alone with physical therapy will help solve this problem with her not being able to empty her bladder with cathing herself.Her muscles sometimes gets so tight until she cannot even get the catheter in her.Has anyone tried this product.What do you think of the doc's theory? I hope that it helps.But she definitely does need some estrogen in her if not nothing else.
    God Bless

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    I use Vagi-fem. It has helped me. I had the same problems your Mom has. I also use estrace cream on my vulva area to supply estrogen to that area also.
    Hope your Mom has good results with vagi-fem and the exercises. I can tell you love your Mom. How fortunate she is to have you.
    Bobbie D


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      I use vagifem and have had the physical therapy you are talking about. I have had help from both. The vagifem is nice because it is not messy like some vaginal estrogens.Good Luck!
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