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Anyone pre-menopausal using hormone therapy to help IC?

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  • Anyone pre-menopausal using hormone therapy to help IC?

    Hi Everyone-

    Is anyone out there using hormone therapy to help IC? I see a lot of posts about how people have flares around that time of month. I certainly do!! I am considering having my hormone levels evaluated. Am pre or peri-menopausal. I would seem that there is a hormone connection...was wondering if anyone was using and seeing some relief from those monthly flares...Thanks. Hope everyone is doing well!!

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    Hello!!! I had a hysterectomy w/removal of my ovaries
    at age 27 in 1994 for severe endometreosis. on HYSTERSISTERS site
    woman do get help with there IC by adding estrogen(NOT SYNTHETIC LIKE PREMARIN THOUGH
    Read the creams and rings are great for ICers it also helps with frequency and burning!Vagifem was one of the ones for helping a bunch!!
    Low estrogen seems to be related in many cases,my physical therapist (for IC)told me
    many peri&meno-pausal woman have IC she sees,its very
    common around this time(although mine came much earlier due to hysto)
    My dr who is the best!!(Enviormental Medicine Dr.)is corrrecting my hypothyroid issue (with natural armour
    thyroid-hormone)when my tsh in in the higher normal range(and adreanals are ok too he said) and I get stable Im taking a 5-day hormonal panel than replacing my hormones(est,test,prog)I will oder my hormones like I have in the past through a Compounding
    He believs my IC is hormonal issues. (Oh and Yeasts which Ive been treated for and am still on Diflucan,Nystatin,and the Anti-Candida diet!no bread,fruit,sugar,etc...)Im outtawhack!!workin' on it! ha!ha!
    Also read progesterone aggrivates IC.
    Read it on this site thats why woman complain of flares before ovulation and subsiding after menstrating,if that helps you!!
    Hey why not get a saliva test of your hormones from a Comp.Pharm????
    They will help with this issue,They know all of IC too!!
    Cant hurt to call,they work with your dr!!
    Hope I helped!!Take Care!!Keep Me Posted!!!Ill let you know how I feel when I get rolling on these hormones again ok!Will
    be maybe a couple of months down the road but Ill find ya'!!Heres the info for you!!
    MADISON,WI 53719
    1 800-558-7046
    The 5 -day hormal profile is something im
    doing with my dr. womens health america does one called THE RESTORE PROGRAM(i ordered that too ha!ha!)I better be one balanced woman after this ha!ha!
    (((((((GOOD LUCK!!!!)))))



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      I am really curious about this issue. I have problems w/infertiltiy because I don't always ovulate on a regular basis. That usually happens when estrogen levels are low, and I am going to be going on a med that will encourage my body to produce more estrogen (by fooling my brain into thinking that my body isn't producing any - the brain triggers the body to get on the ball and make more, which leads to extra estrogen in my system, which hopefully will lead to ovulation.) I am curious about what will happen to my IC symptoms on this med. Pregnancy creates an estrogen-rich environment in the body as well, which may explain why IC can go into remission during that time. If, as some theorize, there are many different causes to IC, the key to solving the problem lies in finding out what our causes are - the treatments seems to cover a long range - from allergies (antihistamines) to hormone problems(estrogen). I will certainly let you all know what happens w/the med when I start taking it in about a month.
      Blessings, Kelly
      "It is God who arms me with strength and makes my way perfect. He makes my feet like the feet of a deer; He enables me to stand on the heights."
      Psalm 18:32 - 33


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        I have been taking Premarin for many, many years. It has never caused a problem with my IC.

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          I've just started on Prempro because of
          horrendous hot flashes, night sweats,
          itching skin, etc, etc, etc.
          My gyno thinks that the steady drop
          in estrogen could be aggravating my
          IC symptoms. The symptoms got much worse
          just when the hot flashes got intolerable.
          So far so good after two weeks, and I do
          feel better over all.



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            Yes I do believe low-estrogen plays
            some role in IC symptoms.
            As far as what types of ert are tolerated
            every woman is differant.We are all
            unique individuals when it comes to
            If you have IC from whatever cause Im sure lack of estrogen definately aggrivates it!
            Take Care All!! Deedee


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              I have wondered about this. I'm premenopausal as well, and the month I got IC (last month) was the month I used a progesterone cream every day. I wondered if there were a correlation, since I've never had anything like this before (no uti's ever). My gyn said that the progesterone was highly unlikely to cause any type of problems with IC because it's "natural", whatever that means. I still think there is some correlation. I bought a saliva test but you have to do it on certain days of the month, so I'm just waiting for the right time to do that, and then I'll meet with a pharmD to assess it and get treatment.


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                Dont agree

                I dont agree with your Gyno that just because Progesterone is natural it shouldnt cause symptoms of IC. Progesterone is a bladder irritant in what ever form it is taken. There has been a lot of research done on this and almost all the hormone Gurus suggest for pre menopause that you either even your period out with high dose, low progestin BC pills or consider some type cyclic therapy if you want a period. Continous BC pill is another option.
                Personally I couldnt stand natural progesterone in any form, oral or cream which caused me to IC flair, have severe flame red vulva, yeast infections and a host of other miserable effects. I now have a levonorgestrel medicated IUD which is a BC device and period stopper.
                If you test hormone levels always test serum not saliva which is not reliable and all medications are titrated and studied with serum levels.
                Premarin is often not tolerated well due its many other ingredients since it is from horse estrogen, however others on the board, Donna seems to do well on it, but I think she is in the minority.
                Review the chapter on IC and bladder pain in Elizabeth Vlietts book, Screaming to be Heard for a laymans understanding of the role of progesterone and estrogne in migranes, IC, and bladder pain.


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                  Fingers typing slower than thoughts again: should read if you DONT want a period take continous birth control.