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  • Ovulation&Discharge

    I m not sure if I am posting this in the right place. But everyonce in a while I notice about 10-11 days after my period begins,I believe that is the time when the body gets ready to ovulate I get a pinkish mucous discharge,sorry but thats how I can only describe it.This month I noticed it again,and I also notice my bladder has been acting up the last 2 days. I also have been exercising alot more, in fact I was exercising alot during my period this month. My periods are normal in length and my cycle is every 26-28 days,right on target every month. I was just wondering if anyone knew what this might be?-Thanks -JoJo

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    JOJO: It could be perfectly normal as it happens at ovulation. However, you REALLY should mention it to your gynecologist. Don't ever assume that it's "nothing". I did just that and ended up with cervical cancer. It was very early and easily removed, but I learned a darn good lesson.
    It could just be that you are exercising too hard around ovulation. I used to experience the same thing (more years ago than I want to admit to) when I was working in a stable and shoveling a lot of you-know-what. Still,
    please talk to your doctor okay?


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      I had mention this to my Gyno this past year. I told him I thought it was my period coming back real light. He said it was nothing to be concerned with,that it happens occasionally. I had a transvaginal ultrasound done to,about a year and a half ago. They saw nothing. Actually I went there not for that reason,but because of IC,but didnt know it was IC then.This has happened for the past few yrs,and its not all the time.But I was just curious.I always go to my gyno yearly appts. In fact I was there 2 weeks ago. But I was just curious.Thanks-JOJO