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Birth control pills hurt my bladder

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  • Birth control pills hurt my bladder

    I have noticed that birth control pills irritate my bladder. I was on Ortho-cyclene(sp?) birth control. I was taking them before I went to bed and I noticed in the morning my bladder was worse than if I wasn't taking them. Does anyone know of any other type of pill that wouldn't hurt my bladder? I even took the pill with food and it still made my bladder hurt the next morning.

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    After trying many different bc pills, but for other reasons such as break through bleeding, I found that the pill that works for me is Ovcon 35 (norethindrone and ethistyl estradiol tablets) made by Mead Johnson. I haven't noticed that it hurt my bladder, but that is just me. I hope you find one that doesn't hurt you.


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      I don't know if birth control pills contribute to flaring for me. I suppose one of the componenets in the pills are the dyes. I take the pill so that I can avoid the flaring around my period - even if it does irritate my bladder to some extent, it is much better for me to avoid having periods as much as possible as it completely incapacitates me. Good luck with finding something that helps you.

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