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any one tried Estring?

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  • any one tried Estring?

    Hi, I have just started using an Estring, which is a vaginal ring that gives slow release estrogen to the pelvic area. My vaginal tissue was noted to be pale, so the NP thought it might help some of the surrounding tissue, including the Urethra. The last time we checked my homones they were normal, does anyone have any experience with this helping, and any side effects? thansk, Kim

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    I am just curious about that Estring. Is it an Estrogen replacement. I had a complete hysterectomy 9 years ago and have been using the Estroderm patch, but I am curious as to why you are using it. Is it something New?
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      Estring is perscribed for theraputic relase of estrogen to the pelvic tissue only. It will not go systemically (into the blood and rest of the body) so my understanding of it is that it cannot be used for hormone relplacement to help syptoms such as hot flashes and prevention of heart disease. My understanding is that it will help with vaginal dryness and urinary syptoms caused by low estrogen. Since my ovarys are still in and working (as far as I know) I am hopefull that my system is not getting added estrrogen, but that the local tissues will get some benifit. I was wondering if any one else has gotten help by this local application of estrogen. Thanks, Kim :p