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    I think probably that is some type of legal disclaimer like a lot of the other symptoms they mention could, maybe, possibley, might happen.
    Just what that it means is unclear? Do what to cholesterol? I have natually a cholesterol level of 240 and when on estrogen my HDL goes up to 80 and gives me a ratio of 3. So it sure helps my ratio. All hormones are made from cholesterol, all of them. My cholesterol level may fluctuate 5 points but what is that due to? Diet, body chemistry, who knows? Since an awful lot of people have high cholesterol according to Docs (levels over 200) that would mean a lot of people are being convered by that disclaimer. I wonder do they count all the Statin users as having high cholesterol?
    What would be really interesting is to see how Statin use effects hormone levels? I now take 10 mg Lipitor, and I think, like Elmiron it tends to make me want more of a estrogen dose to do the job. Just my observation, no scientific basis, purely subjective.


    Meds: Melatonin 3mg @ bedtime if needed. Estrogen 1.5 mg troche and 0.1 mg Estrace cream.
    Diagnosis: IC, PFD (both in remission)


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      HRTv and I.C.

      Hello Everyone,
      I feel that hormones have a lot to do with IC. I had no problems what so ever, when my Dr got spooked a few years back about HRT. He wanted me to stop my Estraderm patch and go onto a synthetic drug. A few months after starting it I began with bladder problems. I saw a Gyno and had little relief, quite a few other tests with no results until my Dr sent me to a Urologist. I was diagnosed with IC. I am back on my Estraderm Patch and also use Vagifem vaginal tablets. I am quite certain that the break in Hormone Therapy was the cause of the IC I have now. The waxing and waning of a womans hormones seems so obvious. (to me anyway) I now take a tricyclic antidepressant (tofranil) try to watch my diet, use prelief and have added some supplements that I hope will help. I like everyone want to find the "cure" or close to it. At the moment I'm feeing pretty good. (touch wood)
      I wonder if there will ever be an answer?


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        I agree with you Elvee. My extreme bladder problems started when I switched HRT's. There is definitely a link!!!


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          I'm with you on this one. Definitely think there is a link. I doubt if it is the whole picture, but I'm sure, for me anyway, a sudden drop in estrogen played a huge role in my developing IC. I went through a very premature menopause (started at 35---not perimenopause---the full deal). I was on hormone replacement therapy for well over a decade and a half and did just fine on it. Then, at age 55, the scary reports on HRT came out and I stopped it. Within just a few months of stopping....BAM!!! IC began suddenly and without warning. I can tell you the exact date and even the time of day it began. I never had previous bladder problems (always had tremendous capacity and frequency was NEVER an issue). I have no doubt that, at least for some of us, there is a big hormone link. I did try and go back on HRT a few months after IC began, but it did not help at all. The horse was out of the barn and I couldn't put it back in.

          Ulcerative Colitis and IBS
          Pelvic Floor Dysfunction

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            HRT and I.C.

            Hello Annie,
            I am really interested in what you experienced, it is exactly what happened to me. Even the early menopause. I too had no problems until the "scare". I know there are lots of theories, but for me and I'm sure many others like me, the connection to a hormone imbalance feels obvious. As with you, I'm back on my original hormone medications but it's too late now. All this stuff makes me so angry. I wish I had an answer. (like everyone else I know)


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              I too had menopause (premature ovarian failure) at 35 yrs of age. It was done and over, and I didn't have children so it was a double whammy!!! I started bioidentical hormones right away, but then came off of them for a while, but my doctor here in the US (I'm originally from Canada) said I should go back on them so I started Prempro Low Dose, but then decided I wanted to go back to the bioidenticals again and that was when my IC hit so I stopped them and was IC free for three days, but then it came back, and I haven't been the same since. I'm better than I was with diet, new HRT regime and supplements, but boy what I wouldn't give to go back in time.


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                I wish I could put the Genie back in the bottle too (so to speak). It is one year this month since I was diagnosed with I.C. I will always remember how breathtakingly ignorant I was. When my Urologist came to see me after the Cystoscopy and told me that I had Interstitial Cystitis I said "Oh thats good, at least its not an infection" The shock of being told that there was no cure! I certainly had a lot of researching to do. I am managing OK at the moment, I take a tricyclic antidepressant, watch what I eat, use Prelief and some supplements that I hope will help. I really believe the diet is all important. I have times though when for no reason that I can work out I will have the low stomach pain and frequency again, it's only in the evening and when I sit down to watch TV. Is it the way I sit? If I stand up it doesn't feel as bad. I think I'm going crazy.


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                  My estradol was a 58 last month when the endocrinologist finally ordered it.

                  is this still low, he said all tests were ok.

                  its a lot better then the 18 it was in 2006.

                  Lyme disease diagnosed 11/05
                  vulvar vestibulitis diagnosed 2/06 -worst case she has ever seen..very bad.
                  IC diagnosed with hydro/cysto- may 17, 2006

                  Over growth of lactobicilli found 8/07 treating with doxy.

                  Was able to get my first internal exam evaluation for PFD....wohoo 1/18/07:woohoo:

                  8/22/07- was able to get my first speculum exam, with pap

                  Strep D found in bladder with United medical labs May 2006
                  2 strains of strep in stool culture 9/06
                  high Strep ASO titre found 10/06

                  NEW MED

                  Capsasin cream-once a day for 20min,
                  BUt wont lie it does burn

                  About to start valium supositories for PFD

                  Trigger point injections- oct 07

                  Current meds:
                  Neurontin- 100mg at night supposed to work up to 300mg if i can tolerate it
                  Zanaflex 2mg
                  IC and low oxalate diet, no sugar diet
                  Xanax for appointments to help relax me since they cause so much pain

                  Started PT 3/07, PT has really helped me in ways I never knew that it would

                  Meds ive tried
                  Soma- can barely tolerate half a pill
                  Atropine cream- didnt seem to work, although i found out I was applying the creams wrong
                  Estradiol cream
                  Urelle- caused worse bladder spasm and retention

                  Various antibiotics for lyme which caused yeast and made the IC and VV worse

                  waiting for the next chronic illness to pop up

                  "Did you know?
                  Every 15 seconds,
                  a person is
                  diagnosed with
                  interstitial cystitis."
                  Source: J. Dimitrakov, MD