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  • Birth control experiment

    Hey gang. Several months ago, some of us on the boards were discussing the possibility of birth control effecting our IC. My gyno and I decided to do a little experiment.

    My IC came on about 8 months after switching from a mono-phasic pill to a tri-phasic pill. I have been on a tri-phasic pills (Ortho Tri Cyclen) since onset. Curiosity was getting the best of me and I decided that I needed to find out if going back to a mono-phasic pill would make any difference. The report is - NO. After 2 months, no difference, good or bad. So, I'm going back on the tri-phasic.

    Keep in mind this is just my experience. I also do not notice any flares of my IC that are related to my period. So, I'm not totally surprised with the outcome. But my curiosity is satisfied. I'd encourage anyone who thinks their birth control pills might be effecting their IC to talk with their doctor about other options.

    Hope everyone is having a symptom-free day.
    Melanie J.

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