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Anyone d/c bcp's for IC?

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  • Anyone d/c bcp's for IC?

    Hi everyone. I've been taking bcp's since last fall and have found great relief from my IC. I started taking Elmiron at the same time, but feel that the bulk of my relief came from the bcp's since it was evident so quickly.

    I would like to discontinue bcp's mostly because of an extra few lbs I've gained, but also because I'm 43 and we don't need them for birth control. I also think they make me irritable! I am hoping that the Elmiron is working now and that I don't need the bcps anymore.

    My question is this: Have any of you found relief from bcp's, and then gone off of them? If so, did your symptoms return? How long did it take for them to return and did they go away again when/if you started the bcps again?

    I have very few symptoms at this time and I don't want to go backwards. If I don't hear good things from you, I'll probably be too chicken to even try going off the bcp's and just hope my GYN will prescribe them for as long as I need them...I have no idea how long that will be!

    Thanks for reading. May peace and good health be with you all.