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    Anyone besides me getting fat from hormones? It seems since menopause and especially after a hysterecomy I gain weight just like that.
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    I'm not on hormones exactly, I use the vagifem pill every 4-5 days but I do have to work at weight control more since menopause.

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      Dear Songbird,

      Alhough my mom does not have interstitial cystitis, she did gain weight after her hysterecomy, as did some of her friends who had one. From my understanding, this is a common occurance.

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        Thanks everyone. If gaining weight is something from a hysterectomy I can stop hating myself right now.
        If you keep a green bough in your heart
        the singing bird will come.


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          I had a hysterectomy last year--seems to be when IC started. Anyway, I take estrogen only. I tried testosterone, so I could feel like I wanted sex, and I gained 15 pounds plus the top layer of skin in my legs puckered into celluloite (sp). Then my clitoris engorged. That was nice but painful too.I stopped using it. Now I am losing weight--can't exercise like I used to.


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            Hello Songbird,

            Haven't had a hysterectomy, just removal of fibroids that caused my uterus to be the size of a three month pregnancy. Thank god for myomectomies.
            I still want children, but as a friend of mine always tells me, my childbearing days are about up.
            Anyway, yes, I have gained weight too, must have to do with age and lack of exercise.
            I used to have a real job,you know, the kind with benefits, set hours, and work out about 4 times a week.
            Now I can't afford to go to the gym, but somehow I will become employed again, with a permanent job, and join a gym again. I will not let these setbacks get to me!!!!!Especially IC!

            Working out is the best way to maintain your weight, stress levels, and believe it or not IC. At least for me, Gosh, I have put on alot of weight.....feel like a fat toad......ribbbit....ribbbit....(LOL), Anyway, your not the only one, heck hopefully menopause waits a while so I can have a baby? Heck, I think I better find the right guy first?

            Anyway, as I ramble on yes, weight gain must go along with hormones, age, and trying to stick to diets for IC.....

            Happy , fat free, pain free, love filled New Year!

            Ruthie : )


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              Songbird, I had my hyst in Sep '00 and I have not gained weight, in fact I have lost 20 pounds. I have not been excersing since I was so sick and in so much pain before the surgery and for some time afterwards, but I was watching what I was eating and making sure they were not junk calories. That and I reduced the amount I was eating. It is like my appeitie changed after the surgery, and I no longer felt the need to eat big meals. I feel like I have my metabolism from when I was a teenager. Maybe part of it is attitide. I wish you were doing as well in the weight department as I. God Bless Lisa
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              May God bless our nation