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birth control to level out symptoms?

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  • birth control to level out symptoms?

    I'm not sure what to do because my symptoms seem to revolve around my periods. I thought that since it seems so related to hormone levels that maybe going on the pill would help. I went to my gynocologist today and she gave me some sample packs of a new kind of birth control called Yasmin. I had mentioned to her that progestrin is supposed to make IC symptoms worse. So she said that Yasmin is supposed to be a lower dose of progestrin. I went on their website and it says the following:

    Yasmin contains a different type of progestin (hormone) which may work with your body chemistry by affecting the excess sodium and water in your body while also maintaining, and in some cases increasing, your potassium.

    I'm not sure whether the potassium part of it might be a bad thing. Anyone have any opinions or advice?

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    I would be very interested in knowing the same information. I've always been on Mircette b-control, and have recently switched upon finding out my diagnosis as well. Have you noticed any differences? Has anybody given you any information about this?


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      Hi Lis,
      I don't think the potassium is anything to be concerned about. Some people are helped with symptoms on the pill and others (like myself) don't notice any difference. In my case, I don't experience an increase in symptoms with my period, so I'm not surprised. Some women have actually talked with their uros/gynos to stay on the pill constantly in order to avoid having periods. This helps some. I do that because I have problems with yeast infections - always right before or right after my period. Seems to be related to that drop in hormones with the placebo week.

      I hope this post helps some and that others will share their experiences. Best wishes!

      Melanie J.
      "The sun shines not on us, but in us." John Muir

      Living a happy life in spite of IC!


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        Potassium is essential to health. Ingesting potassium in foods, or as a supplement, does not act on the bladder in the same way as a potassium substance instilled into the bladder.

        I think if it like I would salt --- if you have a small cut or scrape and rub salt on it, it stings! But if you eat something containing salt, there is no reaction.

        Stay safe

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