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HRT, Is it safe?

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  • HRT, Is it safe?

    With all the bad news about HRT out today, what does everyone on it plan to do? I plan to stop taking them tomorrow, and hope for the best. I just hope it doesn't make my IC any worse.

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    I have been on Premarin 1.25 mg. since I was 30 and I am now 55. I do not plan to ever quit mine. They keep me going. Hugs



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      I'm quitting. I have too many other problems to find myself worringing about strokes, blood clots,
      and cancer. If I have more bladder symptoms without the combined HRT, I will talk to my gyno about estring, which is a estrogen ring worn
      vaginally and which (I've read) helps a great
      deal with uro-gential estrogen loss related problems.


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        Hello ladies,

        From what I understand of the studies, the medical concerns occured when the HRT was estrogen combined with progesterone. When estrogen alone was used, there was not the high incidence of medical concerns.

        I look forward to actually reading the studies for myself.

        Hugs to all <img src="graemlins/grouphug.gif" border="0" alt="[grouphug]" /> , Gail


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          I have made a promise to myself not to read anymore crap about HRT.
          So, I am not real sure what the deal is - but wanted to say that I had a complete Hysterectomy in July last year. At which time they put me on a low dose patch that I change twice a week.
          My mother (age 58) has been on Premirin (sp) for about 16 years and had no problems (but she does not have IC) She just had her ovaries removed one week ago and her Gyno put her on the patch also.

          So, I am just wondering is there a difference in the pills and the patches. And do you have the same risks with both.??
          Any of you that have kept up with the info on this can you let me know.
          I mean I have spoke with several people that are on the pills, and several that are on the patch and out of the ones I have talked to the patches are liked more. ( hope that made sense )

          Hope you all are having tolerable days.



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            there was an ad in out newspaper today from an attorney saying you may have a lawsuit with the prempro or the patch. so i guess they mean both.
            we don't have tort reform in ms and i know the lawyers are going to jump all over this.