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If You Use Hormone Vaginal Lubricant

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  • If You Use Hormone Vaginal Lubricant

    To aleviate the vaginal dryness I experience sometimes in menopause I use various progestrone (natural ones). Be careful and avoid anything with citric acid as one of the ingredients.
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    I can't take estrogen at all. Have you tried OTC Replends it's great stuff,for post menopausal women, a fraction of the cost, no doctors visits and no estrogern to bother my breasts. The pharmacist recommended it. Half my friends use it and the other half don't need to. Lucky them! I think estrogen bothered my IC last time I used it, even the cream..sanctuary
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      I had a problem with Astroglide. It burns locally. I wonder if it could be citric acid.

      I just started using the Estring, and hopefully that will eliminate the problem. I am keeping my fingers crossed. It takes 2-3 weeks for the effects to be evident.


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        Hi Claudia - OUCH about Astroglide! I've never had any problem with it or KY. Hope you find something that works for you!

        Melanie J.
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          Hi Melanie,

          Thanks for your reply.

          I am OK with KY, but thought I would try something that was suppose to be "better." It wasn't. But just a few days with the Estring, and I hardly needed anything at all, It is a miracle device to me, and more like the real me before menopause and dryness.

          Some say they used olive oil with good results. I am going to try that too.


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            The question I have is, there's much evidence against estrogen use and promoting things to help with lubrication instead of estrogen, but the fact is, if you can't engorge for sex, it doesn't really matter if you can accomodate entry, because it doesn't feel good to a non-engorged state. What can you do about that? Dianne at [email protected]

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              The Estring is really good for it all. At least that is my experience.


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                I use Estring and it has worked great.


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                  I thought I was nuts about the astroglide burning me, thanks for the post.......
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                    Thanks Brat for your confirmation. Astroglide really burned and I wondered if I was nuts too!

                    Thankfully now, I no longer have a need for anything with the Estring.