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Estrogen replacement &severe bladder pain

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  • Estrogen replacement &severe bladder pain

    I want to know if anyone else that uses estrogen replacement has severe bladder pain. I am somewhat different in how mine is replaced. I do not absorb into my system any of the pills on the market. I cannot use any patches on the market as I am latex allergic. The only thing left was for my uro-gyn to order me shots....which I give myself every 21 days. This goes into the muscle of your upper outter butt and last for all those days until another 21 days has passed. I have kept track for a few months now and I have also noticed that on the day after I give my shot that I hurt very bad in my bladder for a couple of days. Does anyone else have added pain or discomfort with their estrogen replacement?

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    I was doing the shots at first - right after my hysterectomy - and yes I had severe bladder pain.
    It is because so much estrogen is hitting you all at once. Or at least that is what I have been told.
    I am using the Vivelle Dot patch. it is a very small patch ( about the size of a nickle ) and works very well - at least for me. With you being latex sensitive then I am not sure you could use them - It is hard to find the right kind of HRT - especially since our bladders are so dang sensitive to everything. Thank goodness I was able to do this patch - all the others were too much and I would get violent headaches, bladder spams and pain. And one of them even made me crazy ( not that I wasn't crazy already - the patch just made it worse <img src="graemlins/blah.gif" border="0" alt="[blah]" /> )

    Anyway good luck - I hope you find something that will work for you.
    Take care
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      Thank you for the info. All patches are out for me as we tried several different brands and due to my latex allergy I could not use them. I have a severe latex allergy and carry a Epi-Pen due to it. I had noticed everytime I give my shot I can count on hurting,urgency and so on for a couple days after.....actually a bad flare like alot of gals have just before their periods. The shot is my only alternative. Was using soy products until the IC as they are a natural..can't use soy with IC. This gets old and not having estrogen gets old as it effects me also. Thank you anyway.
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