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OK Ladies I Have Some Info On Replacement of HRT

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  • OK Ladies I Have Some Info On Replacement of HRT

    I have been doing sooooooooo much reasearch on hormone replacement without having to use traditional HRT. There is a healthy and natural way that I have found out about. The women I have talked to that have used it swear by it!!!! kissing I have been on HRT for over 11 years now(due to 8 abdominal surgeries for various things) So I am only 31 years old! I have had one breast lump removed but it was ok thankfully. Anyways, to get to my info. I have found out about a product on the market that is all natural it is a progesterone cream and also a pill that is taken to help with the horrible symptoms we have with menopause. I dont think the two are taken together I think it is one or the other. The cream is used by putting a dime size on the tender parts of your skin being behind the knees, crease of elbow, neck and under your breasts. The reason for this is that the skin is thinner than other parts of your body in those tender areas so it absorbs much faster without having to use too much of the cream. NOW I havent not yet tried this myself and being as young as I am I have refused natural treatments because I have tried a few that didnt work for me and I went totally INSANE! My thought on this was I either stay on HRT and have risk of breast Cancer or get off it, and try to replace it with something natural. My feeling is I would rather have the risk of breast cancer rather than needing to but put in a RUBBER ROOM!!!hehe not really but you gals know what it is like when you are not taking hormone replacement very easy to **** everyone off that you have in your life and some things like that.
    If there is anyone that is interested in this product please feel free to email me at:[email protected]
    I will send you the information that I have about this. I am going to buy a jar this week and try it I figure I really dont have much to lose. It would be a true blessing for us all if it really does work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I will keep in touch about this information.
    grouphug Kim

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    I have a prescription from my female practitioner for both progesterone cream and estradiol (estrogen) (in an oil form - you use drops on your skin) compounded by my pharmacy. all natural. I love it so far (after 3 months) and am feeling better (mood and IC - not out of pain, but I have good days)
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      oh boy do I need all the info I can get on alternitives to HRT. Having been on Lupron for years already my need for something isn't the symptoms of metapouse as much as things like my bones and overall health.

      Anyway....during my hysterectomy surgery my doc found some pre cancerous cells. I cannot afford to be on hormones the rest of my life (I am only 27). Having Endo I so greatly want to avoid hormone therapy.

      Thank you so much....maybe we can save my life. grouphug
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