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  • Started HRT today!

    Well gals-Here I go into the Hormone Replacement adventure. When I began my appt., I asked the Dr. if she was willing to do some problem-solving, because of my IC. I'd found her helpful in the past, but this was just to let her know she could refer me to someone else if she didn't want to deal with an IC patient. (This has been my unfortunate experience even with urologists!) Sure enough the gyno suggested the commercially pushed synthetic estrogen made from horses' urine. I told her I wanted the bioidentical human estradial, Estrace, and also the .5 ones that have no red dye in them. We discussed the progesterone (needed when you still have a uterus). I'm going the try the cyclic way of estrogen every day and natural micronized Prometrium 12 days a month. This may flare my IC, in which case I don't know what I'll do next. I'm not going to start any progesterone until I'm back from our vaca that much I know! I didn't do the patch, because I want any possible heart protection I can get. I'll do the patch as a 2nd step, if needed. (I get migraines, too.)
    so I just will need to see! I found Dr. Elizabeth Vliet's book very helpful. (I think Jill had her as a guest speaker in the past.) I'll keep you posted on the IC effect if anyone is interested.
    We can help one another here. Sue

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    My mom had a hystroectomy and even since I try to keep track of the new with HRT, since she is on it. From all that I have read, I think you made the right decision.

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      Thanks for posting about your hormone replacement experience. I am also in the middle of trying to make some decisions about HRT. I had been taking an estrogen, Othro-Est and Provera for about four years before IC. With the onset of IC, I got off all medications. My gyn would allow me to take only the estrogen with yearly biopsies to check the lining of the uterus. He really wants me to try a different HRT called Activella. It is estradiol/norethindrone~~1mg/0.5mg. I did try Prometrium for a few days and flared with it. It stated on the bottle not to take if allergic to peanuts or peanut products. It might work for you. I never want to discourage anyone from trying something.

      I would appreciate any information that you have concerning HRT. What did Dr. Vliet's have to say about this subject?



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        Dr. Vliet recommends the natural human beta-17 estradial for estrogen, and the natural micronized progesterone when possible, but she individualizes for every patient. She also gives all kinds of suggestions for particular problems. For instance I get migraines...She suggests keeping the hormones at as even a dose as possible, so I'm taking mine morn. & night instead of once a day. She warns for IC'ers against the red dyes in some pills, so I asked for the .5 Estrace that is dye-free. I've yet to find a good solution for the prgesterone flares that the Prometrium may give me (I used it before, and it flared me during perimenopause.) I'm giving it another shot, because I'm 7 months into the Elmiron, and maybe, just maybe that the Elmiron I pray will help. There are other forms, but I wanted to try the oral 1st, and the natural one. Crinone vaginal gel flared me, too. I could go on all day, but I would strongly advise you to pick up the book, because she has some great ideas in it.
        We can help one another here. Sue


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          Update on the HRT: 5 days later, and the oral Estrace did not work out, due to migraines. I'm trying the patch next. It's a small dose, so if this gives me migraines, it's doubtful I can take estrogen at all... and to think I was just concerned about the progesterone!
          We can help one another here. Sue


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            NancyB- Thanks so much for your message. I think you may be absolutely right! I haven't tried the patch yet because my migraines have continued, and I don't want to be blaming the estrogen which I feel I need. I get in these cycles similar to the way IBS and IC flare. I'm going to wait, and try the patch after vacation.
            We can help one another here. Sue