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    What experiences have others had with hormones? I am 46 and have used OrthoEvra patches for 2 months now; they are strong enough to act as birth control and override my own hormones which were really getting out of whack. Anyway, about a week after I started them, my bladder symptoms improved dramatically and stayed that way for almost 2 months. It was very cause/effect. Also, my migraines disappeared! Unfortunately, something changed and I had a bad flare 10 days ago. It's as if the initial feelings of "being pregnant" like sore breasts and weight gain involved processes that saved me from bladder pain; once my body adjusted to the higher hormone levels the IC symptoms returned. I am going to call my provider tomorrow to discuss.

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    I am quite sure the hormones play a hige role in IC based on personal experience as well as reports fom others. Maybe this explains why not many men get IC too? I just don't know what the role is exacly though. Perhaps there will be some sutdies on it?

    I didn't have bladder problems until after my first child. During pregnancies (4) I felt great and no bladder problems. As soon as they were born, WHAM, actually a few months after dilivery. Then, a couple yrs. after my last child the real problems started. One bladder infection after another. Then IC.

    Soon, I got endometriosis too. I had a hysterctomy and the IC got really bad. They put me on HRT and it helped the IC but made the Endo. worse so I'm in a catch 22. If I could have stayed pregnant for the rest of my life I would have.


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      I am certain that the estrogen patch helps my i.c. I have had a hysterectomy, so I can just take the estrogen patch and not have to take the progestins. Once when my husband and I were trying to rejuvenate our sex drives (I'm 63, he is 60,) I asked my obgyn for something to help boost it and she gave me some progestin pills. I didn't realize that they aggravated i.c. My i.c was in total remission at that point. As soon as I started the progestins, in about 5 days my i.c. returned and was a nightmare (I had also lowered my estrogen patch to .5 mg) I immediately cut out the progestin and put my estrogen back up to l.0 mg, and obtained some relief, but the damage was done, or so it seemed. This time I haven't been able to get back to remission. I know that if I forget to put on my new estrogen patch for a few days, my i.c. flares badly. I can't reallyl prove the progestins and lower estrogen are the total culprits, but I feel pretty strongly that they are. Later I read that the progestins are aggravaters of i.c. At the time I tried them I had been in total remission for 3 years and thought I didn't even have i.c. anymore, so I wasn't even thinking that anything was going to start it up again. I was back on a normal diet, could have aspartame, coffee, cokes, etc. so I thought I was done with i.c. I could kick myself for starting those pills. But actually another trigger could have been waiting to get me somewhere down the road. Sorry to be so lengthy. Good luck,\


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        Hi. I am 37 and I have been post menopausal for 8 years. I had endo and a complete hysterectomy. Where did you guys hear about progesterone and IC? I am on .5 estradiol every second day, 100 mg of prometrium a day, estradiol cream amd topical testosterone. I go in for dmso installtions every 6 months because I can't tolerate Elmiron. I did find something that seems to be helping a lot, though. I have been on Celebrex for 2 months and my IC symtoms have disappeared. Weird, huh? I should be going into flare up mode right now.


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            I KNOW for me that hormones are very related to my symptoms. I have had a hysterectomy for endometriosis and now take Estrace and Estratest. If I'm 3 hours late taking it in the morning my bladder reminds me. Hormones don't get rid of my symptoms but help.