Deedee and all, I remember reading about your thyroid connection months ago. Funny thing was, I had just taken myself to a new endocrinologist. Even though my TSH was normal, I still felt all the hypo signals.....

***short detour....when my thyroid is low, I can't sing the "high notes" I am used to...your vocal chords get thick!*****

Anyway, having been taken off the Elavil I felt a little better, but she put me on Cytomel (T3)...I felt better in a week or two, but I guess that was the Elavil wearing off, because in about mid December, WOW, I knew it was working....could sing, skin better, AND when I exercise I could go longer without muscle fatigue. So my exercising problems were more thyroid related than the IC!!!!!!!

Now,God bless you,Dede I am jealous that you lost 32 pounds, but I HAVE lost 7 of the 30 I put on "due to IC and inactivity. I have joined a gym and overall feel good.

****I STILL TAKE MY OTHER IC MEDS! I AM NOT CURED...I ate strawberries the other day...yeah yeah I know stupid and NOT worth the pain....

But gosh if SOME of the problems can be cleared up HORRAY!!!!

Hugs to you all, interesting Julie B