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urethritis and estrogen creams

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  • urethritis and estrogen creams

    I've already been through the patches, etc. I've had a little success with vagifem insertable pills but can't leave it in more than 24 hours before the pain kicks in to bladder so can't get up to a therapeutic dose. I'd be interested in trying some of the creams, etc. but anything that might melt and get on my urethra, I have severe urethral pain within seconds of contact with any foreign goop of any sort, even lubricants. Is there any way to deliver these without them getting on urethra?

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    Many years ago before the IC came into my life I had urethritis. It was horrid.. the pain in my pelvis and back was unrelenting. My doctor put me on an antibiotic... which did not work. What did work for me, thank god, was Vitamin C... the ascorbic acid kind. I took 1000 mg three times a day, and within 2 days I was 75% better. After a week symptoms at all. I had read this remedy in a book from the early 1980's... name escapes me. THe premise of the vit c is that the vitamin being water solulable is excreted and when it goes through the urethra it's healing properties heal the inflamation. Well, it worked a miracle for me... after suffering for months. I don't know if you have IC as Vit C for many can cause IC pain. Wish you the best.