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    Rather than tack on to several of the other posts, I think I'll just start over with a new one. I developed IC during perimenopause at age 40. I'm 46 now and 18 mos. past natural menopause. There is breast CA in the family so no HRT for me. I tried every natural product, soy, creams, EPO, combipatch, vegitabs, genistein, flax seed, progesterone cream, etc. and they all just killed me. I knew estrace was out because I'd get urethritis in a matter of hours so I opted for trying Vagifem. The dose is daily for 14 days then drop to twice/week. It's on the same par as estrace and considered safe for breast CA history in family. I made it to day 10 but by then it was killing my bladder! So I dropped to the maintenance dose on day 10 and found the 3 day gap was still too close and caused a problem. So I went to every 5 days and found I could tolerate that well. I was told it would help dryness and sexual response but not hot flashes but not so, it wiped out my hotflashes too which after 18 mos. of up to 25 day/ this is great! The flashes start to come back on day 4-5 so I'm next going to try vagifem every 4 but if it flares me, I'm going to stick with every 5. I am so happy to have found the right answer for me. My bladder has been better but I dont know if it relates to vagifem or the SANS unit. That's all I'm using for IC though.

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