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  • imipramine

    Has anyone tried imipramine for spasms?Does it work well or at all? wink

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    I was on it and it worked for about 2 weeks-but then it quit on me. I did not take it for spasms though-I took it w/pyridium, bactrim, and ditropan-the combination seemed to work great-I THOUGHT I was cured, lol! Hope it works for you.

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      I've been taking it in combo with Driptane for 7 months. When I started to take it, it was my last step before instillations. I'd already taken Elmiron and had all the tests, etc. At the time I started this treatment I couldn't even walk. For the first month or longer I had no change in symptoms. Now I do not have constant pain, I can walk, and I can work. One of the keys is to take it regularly as the dr recommended.



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        I was given Imipramine to take at bedtime. I slept better and did not get up as often to urinate, but the problem was I had so much trouble urinating the next morning. I would sit there and sit there and nothing would come out. Finally after a month of this I stopped taking it.


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          I take urised for spasms and it works great for me been taking it 2 years
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            I have noticed that the severity of my symptoms parallel ovulation. I am thinking about going on a birth control pill to stop my ovualtion. Has anyone tried this? I have read that the more pure estrogen pills are the best for IC patients. Does anyone have any info or a perosonal experience to relate?


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              I was taking birth control pills to stop ovulation, and it worked wonderfully. I stopped recently, and I've been doing just fine (the usual mild discomfort all day long). I had started taking Elmiron and BCP's at the same time, so I was never sure which made the big difference, but thought it was the BCP's since the relief was very quick; I could tell a difference right away. Look at the hormone section on this site. It explained it well. My GYN is great at working with me, and I might try BCP's again if I have to. Because of my age and family history, I'm giving them up for now. Good luck! I was taking Aleese.


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                I took it once and it totally paralized my bladder. Yuck! Same with anything else in the antihistimine family. If it ends in "amine," I stay way away.


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                  Imipramine and pain?

                  I was just prescribed imipramine from my new urolgist for IC, but the first night and today I suffered from the side effects immensley. I have servere pain in my bladder and aching that I normally don't feel all day and night. I have been on many medications before but it has been years since I have been on meds. There are too many side effects and I feel like I can manage it better than a medicine that makes feel worse. Does it actually make you feel better eventually? From what I could gather on the net the first few does can be the worst side effects. Also it could take 1-3 weeks to take effect. I don't know if I have the patience for that. I tried Elmiron before as well and that takes 3-6 months! Sometimes I don't give the medications a chance but I am so scared to see the effects and go throught the dissapointment again...Any suggestions? How about any of the natural remedies they sell on the IC website? Or your local health food store? I also just bought the IC Cookbook the Taste of the Goodlife so I can start making better meals w/o having to take prelief with everything I eat. Also the survival guide for IC is one of the better books I have read that is out there. It really makes you prepared when you talk to your Urolgist.


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                    This is a very old Thread. Because of that, I am reposting your post to the Treatments For Mild Interstitial Cystitis (frequency/urgency) > Antidepressants (Elavil, etc.) Board in hopes that you will get more responses and support.

                    I am also closing this Thread for the same reason.

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