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  • Irregular bleeding...

    I am not certain if this is the right board on which to post this message, but I am needing info. I have been having a period for the last ten or eleven days...not heavy the whole time, but spotting red today. I am normally a seven-day person like clock-work. I am forty-eight, and also take Elmiron and Effexor XR, and anti-depressant for pain control. The Elmiron is a mild blood thinner, I know, so that could explain the heaviness I experience. The Effexor can cause "menstrual disturbances", so the PDR book says, whatever that may be defined as. But, I was also wondering if this could occur with the onset of menopause...heavier periods that are longer-lasting than usual. Could anyone give any feedback? I have an appt. that was already scheduled with the dr. who prescribed the Effexor, so I will run all this past him. Just wondering if I am the only "lucky" one here, or not.

    Hugs to All,
    Kathy S.