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hysterectomy and IC

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  • hysterectomy and IC

    I was wondering if anyone has had a hysterectomy and what effects it had for the better or worse? I am told I need one and my uro and gyn tell me my flares will likely decease cause my flares are really bad at that time of the month.Of course the reason for the hysterectomy is not IC it is female problems.I would appreciate any input!


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    Yes I have had a hysterectomy, in September of 2000. I am happy to report that my IC got better. Not having to take birth control pills helped, as they have always made whatever was wrong with me worse ten fold. The best part is that I don't have the flare ups once a month. As for the hormone replacement I think it does aggravate the IC some, but not as much as the b.c. pills did, probably because I don't take progesterone. I know that overall I am healthier and that is what made the surgery so worthwhile. I have a lot fewer things going wrong all the time so I feel better as a whole. I think you will likely find that is where the greatest beneift will be, and that is where you should focus. IC is a tricky disease and you can NEVER predict with any kind of certainty what will or will not happen.

    I wish you the best, Lisa
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      I had a hysterectomy almost a year ago because of serious precancer in my uterine lining. I am happy to report that it did not aggravate my IC. In fact it helped. I no longer have to deal with the ovulation to period flares and sinc I have no uterus I only take estrogen which does not cause me to flare.

      An added bonus for me was that we had long suspected that I also had adenomyosis which contributed to bladder pressure. Pathology confirmed that I did have adenomyosis as well as the precancerous uterus. I have less pelvic aching and pressure since my hysterectomy.

      The one thing that helped me alot immediately post-op was to stay catheterized as long as possible. With all the IV fluids I would have been having to get up to pee constantly. Obviously if catheters cause you alot of pain this might not work for you but for me it is great. Even when I have had other more minor surgeries on an out-patient basis we keep the cath in until I am ready to go home. The one time I didn't do this I was totally miserable.

      Will you be able to have the hysterectomy laparoscopically? It does make the recovery easier. Good luck to you. Ruth


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        hello to all. I'm glad to hear your all doing well, however my symptoms seem to be brought on from the hysterectomy i had 6 years ago, my bladder has fallen, now possible diagnosis of ics. the two realated, not sure, but likely. god bless you all.


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          My hystrectomy which was uneeded, but not known at the time, did not help my IC. In fact over the years mine has gotten worse. I still have the pain that I was having before doing the hystrectomy. Just my case.
          God grant me the serinity to withstand the days ahead!!!

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            I just had a hysterectomy in in November of last year and I feel a lot better now. I had precanserous cell growth happening in my uterus so I got everything removed. I had a lot of fibroids and my uterus was connected to my abdominal wall so it took them about 6 hours to do the surgery as oppossed to 2 hours. I was lucky that my wound healed well but I did get this super bug in the hospital that I am finally getting rid off. I wished I would of had this surgery years ago, I was already in menopause and had my children years before. I had a good surgeon and received very good care in hospital. I have meant a lot of women who feel better than they did before the surgery after they recovered from the operation.


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              my hyster was B4 knowing about IC

              the way I got diagnosed was at 6 mos post-op and had blood in sample on a cruise, no infection so they did the test and started the Elmiron. I kept the ovareis and still have mini-cycles, so still have the PMS pain but also have enod. It all goes together I am starting to believe. But the pain management I learned B4 and post-op has helped me get through my flares of IC. It has never been as bad as the prolapsed uterus and endo stuff. Make sure you get a 2nd opinion B4 surgery and check out the Hystersister websiite ( where I learend of this site) Lots of ladies with lots of INfo and help just like here!
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                hysterectomy and IC

                I got a hysterctomy right after I was told I had IC....I had my tubes tied and for me at least didn't see a reason to have periods no more because every month I had a period I was just in so much pain I couldn't bend over and barely walk during that time of the month...So I went ahead and had the hysterctomy done and even though I have no periods no more I still have tons of pain..Maybe it helped because I don't have to deal with it in that way no more, but by no means did it get better at all...I wish everyone good luck cause I know how this condition can be so terrible...

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                  I had my hystorectomy 1 1/2 ago and was diagnosed with IC 7 weeks later. I was having terriable abdomonal pain and was told I had endomitriosis through a laporatomy. After trying treatments and scraping the endo. off my uterus and tubes pain was still there. My gyn said I probebly had IC but first to do hyst to see if that would help the pain. Six weeks later, pain was still there and thats when he did potasum res. test and others to diagnos me with IC( sorry my spelling is worse than my kids, did not get much sleep, Yah thats why ) Anyway, my IC is still pretty bad but at least my flares don't happen with my period anymore (that used to be unbarable!!) So my hysto did help me some. I hope yours helps you!! Take care!
                  God Bless, Cassandra
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                    I just had mine May 17 2005 the hy was no problem at all. all my pain has been bladder issues sinces my uro said it would be three to four mths before the pain gets better in the mean time i've already had to have an IV anti. due to a uti because the gyn didn't give me an anti. like i ask him too (I get true uti easy) before my hy. i would get a uti a week before and the week of my peroid. now that that is over with. I'm still getting the uti.
                    the reason for the hy. i was boarder line cancer.
                    after my hy. i've also found out that i have a blockage in my left (which is my double kidney)
                    I do believe after i get this blockage out of my kidney i should be on a better track to going back into remission but right now i been living in heck since May 17.

                    another thing with IC our bladders hate foleys i had a fit and made them take it out the faster that sucker is out the faster you will be feeling a bit better.
                    sending you hugs best wishes and prayers
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                    7. Prosed/DS as 1 every 6hrs as needed.

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                      Just had mine done March 23 my GYN wanted me to know it could get worse or better. I also had other period problems so far its been great for me. Recovery time was long thought I would never get here. You should research and talk to your gyn.
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                        Hysterectomy and bi-ovarian removal 12/2004. Had horrendous what I think now IC flares every month with my period -- wasn't diagnosed with IC until 8 wks post hysterectomy. I now suffer even worse IC pain than before hysterectomy. The four weeks post-hysterectomy were the worst, I wanted to die and no one seemed to be able to help me.
                        I encourage you to explore other options before just having a hysterectomy due to IC pain. For some (like me) it makes it worse. There may be other treatments plans to help you - explore and educate yourself before jumping into a surgery that you cannot ever reverse.
                        Blessings to you,
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                          Had my hysterectomy 6 years ago and I think it has helped some. Like most say the no period thing was the best. I couldn't take birth control because all most all would cause major migraines and bled through the depo so each month for those 5 days would be in bed due to severe pain that would come from the period causing UTI. I do take HRT because of HORRIBLE hot flashes, haven't noticed a difference with IC if I do or don't take them. As for the daily symptoms of the IC-I don't think it has changed it much-except the endo went away so I don't have to have a laparoscopy every 11 months to get rid of it and that in itself is awesome. Did that for about 6 years..If you have had children and are not planning on having more I would say go for it. Good luck!!

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