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    I had my annual check up w/ my gyn this week. I had told him how my IC symptoms intensified to unbearable three days prior to starting my period. He suggested a trial of Birth control pills,this would attempt to keep hormone levels at an even state thru-out the month. At 40+ and previous tubal ligation I thought the BC pill days were over! My question is has anyone else tried this (BC pills) and what type of response did you have?
    IC diagnosed in 2002
    Endometriosis (per gyn)
    Tubal ligation 1992

    Fem Con Fe,Prosed DS, Rescue Instillations,Vicodin (as needed), Valium (as needed),Aloe Vera Caps and Cystoprotek

    Meds tried:
    Elmiron (fuzzy thinking)
    Neurontin (fuzzier thinking)
    Enabalex(bladder felt like a rock)
    Ambien CR (severe flare after one dose)

    Mother of two grown boys, RN ,wife and mother of a golden retriever and a gray tabby
    Antique collector and love a good flea market

    Just trying to find peace in the maddness of my IC world

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    cyn there is a whole topic on bc on the Elmiron
    boards requarding this subject.. I am taking megace 40.00 2x aday to stop my periods for this reason, but, I was in double me over pain the week before during and 3 days after.
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        Hi Cyn
        I was definitely improved by BC pills, but then I think estrogens do me good. It might not be true for somebody else. I'm usually pain-free during my periods and on the other hand my pregnancy was a disaster (pain, frequency, everything went out of control).
        I'm sure there is something there but no medic could tell me what's really happening.
        Hope this might help you.


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          I started birth control 2 months ago and so far it seems to be helping quite a bit. I have not experienced the sharp upward trend of pain from ovulation through first 3 days of menstruation that has been my routine for so many months. My Urologist and Gynocologist have been working together on this and that has been most helpful. Last year I started to premedicate with calcium, naproxen and ultram approx. 4 days before my period. Although that can be a bit of a challenge, it did help decrease the pain those first 3 days of my period. Now with birth control, I start the premedication on the day I start the placebo pills. It makes it so much easier!!
          Audrey Rose



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            I do not take BC pills but I do have the Ortho Evra patch.

            Audrey Rose, Hello and Welcome!


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              Hello to you too Michelle!!
              Thanks for the hugs
              and the thoughtful welcome!!

              Audrey Rose



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                I got a tubal just so I wouldn't have to take the pill anymore, and here I am, back on it. My cycle was messed up, the doctor wanted to put me on the pill to regulate it. I was afraid it would make my IC worse, but gave it a try anyway. I think it took the edge off my IC. My periods never seemed to affect my IC. Then just recently, even while on the pill, my cycle got messed up again, and for the first time, I notice that I seem more sensitive around my cycle, I'm having flares, but they are tolerable. I'm hoping that once my cycle is regulated again the flares will go away.

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