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Low thyroid anyone?

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  • Low thyroid anyone?

    I posted this message before in the related conditions section, but feel it may be more relevent here. Has anyone been found to have hypothyroid conditions due to thyroid antibodies? I was on the thyroid forum and Larrain Gillespie who use to be the cystitis diva is a consultant on the estrogen/proesterone/ and hypothyroidism message board. There are some women with IC there who said that thyroid therapy helped their bladder condition, along with the right combination of hormones. She said that the bladder has thyroid hormone receptors that are needed and she found that many times when women fix their thyroid, everything else falls into place. I have normal thyroid function by standard tests, but when other tests were done I was found to have very high thyroid antibodies causing an auto immune problem with my thyroid. Just wondering if anyone else has had their thyroid tested?

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    I was diagnosed several years ago with hypo thyroidism and have been on eltroxin> when my thyroid is out it makes the sypmtoms of my IC worse so I think that it is related somehow. Sharon B.


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      I have hypothyroidism and I take synthroid everyday. It does not seem to help my bladder at all. I have a blood test done every six months and have had to up my dosage but this still makes no difference with the pain in my bladder. Hope this helps. KellyB


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        Originally posted by sharber:
        I was diagnosed several years ago with hypo thyroidism and have been on eltroxin> when my thyroid is out it makes the sypmtoms of my IC worse so I think that it is related somehow. Sharon B.
        If you don't mind my asking, were your thyroid tests abnormally low, or like me, did you have thyroid antibodies and normal results? I am just so afraid that if I take the thyroid meds they may make my bladder worse. Thyrolar has both t3&t4. What is the medicine that you are taking? What feels better about your bladder when your thyroid is right? thanks so much.


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          I have Hashimoto's Thyroiditis and that is my thyroid gland is under attack by the auto-antibodies because my immune system is in overdrive. This causing the Thyroid to fail. The doc first put me on Synthroid but I had a burn in my bladder for the first time. Now I am on the natural Thyroid called Armour and I am doing well. I have not been able to take any Estrogen therapy since my complete hysterectomy because I am so drug sensitive. I tried cutting the Vivelle patch in quarters knowing I need Estrogen and I had severe cramping in my legs. I also couldn't sleep because it interfered with my Thyroid meds. It made me very hyper. A no-no for ICers. Anyway, I don't relate my thyroid much to my bladder except if I take too much ( being the right amount for the average person),it bothers my bladder. I can't be in the normal range because I can't be the old hyper person I used to be with IC. I have settled being slightly hypo and my doc agrees. Hope this didn't add more confusion. Everyone is different, that's for sure!


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            Because Larrian Gillespie had her medical license suspended I verify all the information she provided with another source --- see

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