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  • Estrogen patches Info Please!

    Hi everyone, I had been taking Premarin but read here it caused problems for some ICers. I stopped taking it and think it was causing my symptoms to worsen.I took estrogen injections years ago to help my bladder lining. They seemed to work very well, at least prevented flares/infections for a long time. Then they weren't covered by my insurance any longer so I switched to oral Premarin and have had return of bladder problems. Hope another form of estrogen will help instead of hurt as estrogen therapy seems to have worked for me after menopause. I will be watchingand appreciate any replies on this subject. Thanks, Pentimento

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    You must try to appeal the decision of your insurance co.

    If an insurance co. denies your request, YOU MUST APPEAL IT. They usuallly have an appeal process. Your doctor must give them reasons for your request i..e. you have tried taking estrogen orally, but it makes your condition worse. tHEREFORE, YOU MUST HAVE THE ESTROGEN INJECTIONS.

    Talk to both your doctor and your insurance co.

    Mary M


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      I was off the Hormone replacent when I had my first IC episode. I went back on the patch and the premeriin pills. It has made a big difference in my syptoms. Something is going to kill me and if the hormone replacement helps with my IC symptoms I'm going to continue to take them..Just my experience.


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        Obviously this is something you need to discuss with your doctor. I have read the dyes and fillers in Premarin pills can cause problems for IC bladders. The patches provide the estrogen without those dyes and fillers and also have the advantage of by-passing the liver.


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