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  • vm
    NB - If you go to the "Related Conditions" board and browse through past topics you will find much discussion of thyroid disorders and people here who do have thyroid problems. You should be able to click to bring up topics for the past year.

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  • NB
    started a topic HYPOTHYROIDISM ANYONE??


    Hi everyone,
    It's been a couple years since posted with a new question. My IC feels like it's calmed down, i almost feel normal when i take care of myself which is good b/c i'm 22 and i have alot of time for it to get worse. I'm off my Elmiron due to it's side effects (lethargy, and then the hair loss didn't help)

    But the hair loss promted my new GYN to test my thyroid and the results reveal that my thyroid is barely if at all working!
    And i don't know how long it's been this way and i'm surprised my URO never thought to test it b/c when i used to comoe here all the time i'd hear alot about thyroids but i never thought it applied to me.

    Does anyone have this, i'm curious as to what to expect treatment wise and if my symptoms will go away.
    I have dry eyes really bad at night,
    always anxious and moody but always have been
    i'm still thin, no weight gain so far
    hair loss
    anyone know if this relates to IC or if you have this?
    just thought i'd ask,
    hope everyone is doing well!!