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my face is breaking out :(

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  • my face is breaking out :(

    Hi all, I know this is a minor problem compared to my IC pain, but my face has been perfectly clear my whole life. The past month has been a nightmare for me. Every morning I wake up I have a new zit on my face. I recently was put on the Luperon shot for two months, but was taken off of it and put back on ortho-tricycline. I am still getting horrible hot flashes, and of course I have to live in florida where it is 91 degrees and the humidity makes it feel over 100. I have been sweating so bad, thus causing my face to be really oily. I made an appmt. with a dermatologist to see what he can do. I am not sure if it is hormones or oily skin or what. Can any of you tell me of any products that work on you, or any tricks to prevent another breakout. I am so frustrated over this and I want my face back.

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    I am in Florida too. Could it be Rosacea? I have that and it flares in hot weather.

    I use products available only by prescription or from the dermatologist or plastic surgeon, plus get laser treatments.

    If you want to email me, we can talk more about specific products. I will be on my email just this week, then away until mid July.

    [email protected]