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Natural progesterone cream?

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  • Natural progesterone cream?

    I was wondering if anyone had tried a natural progesterone cream that you rub on your wrists? I tried it, hoping to help with symptoms like irregular periods, etc., but it seems to have brought on a terrible flare. Has anyone else tried this?

    Kathy S.

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    Hi Kathy
    I think I remember reading somewhere that progesterone can cause flare ups. Maybe that's why I always used to feel worse the week before my period.


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      Kathy, I am 50 and am having very irregular
      periods and some night sweats!! My holistic
      practitioner wants me to try the compounded
      (natural) Progesterone cream again. This is
      different from Progestin that alopathic M.D.'s give patients with estrogen.

      I started back on the Progesterone last
      week. It definitely regulates my periods.
      I remeber that from last time I tried it!
      I don't remember it hurting my bladder. It
      also seems to be helping my hot sweats.

      But I have read that for some people the
      last two weeks of their cycle are worse
      on their bladders because of progesterone
      being higher then. For me, I have never
      noticed any difference in my bladder symptoms
      related to cycles. There again, we are all
      different! Bev


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        Kathy; If you are buying the natural progesterone cream over the counter, you might consider trying one that is compounded especially for you by a compounding pharmacist. I tried the over the counter natural progesterone and flared on it. I figure it was the other components in the cream. I had a compounding pharmacist formulate natural progesterone for me in an olive oil base. It worked well. I would suggest starting with a low dose - maybe 5 mg. twice daily. I started with 20 mg. twice daily and ended up having to reduce it later. Initially I seemed to be in the bathroom alot for a day or two but then I think it actually helped my bladder. I am post menopausal. I ended up having to quit the progesterone because it was giving me headaches. I was on it for a year and a half. It helped with the hot flashes and nervousness from menopause. You will have to try it and see. I believe the pharmacist helped me out by keeping it in an olive oil base. My physician prescribed it for me. Hope this helps.