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  • Went to ER>>>>>>>>>

    My doctor made me go to ER last night. Got home from work and my right leg had swelled about double expecially in the calf area. He thot maybe a blood clot....nothing showed pain in leg really. Well, had swelling again today and swelling as soon as I am up and moving around. He took me off salt and wants to check more thoroughly. Is my estrogen causing it or is it IC related or any ideas? They say they want to do some heart related testing. I am 37 yrs and a bit perplexed with all this. Help!

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    ((((((((Shawnna)))))))))) You poor dear! Maybe your leg doesn't have good circulation...I was thinking something along the lines of maybe varicose veins--where the blood pools and casues swelling. Maybe they are not visible yet, jsut the swelling is. Hmmmm -- just me theorizing here. I hope you find answers soon. Does elevating it and/or icing it help?
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