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Estrogen cream and blood clots

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  • Estrogen cream and blood clots

    I had a hysterectomy October 2005. My doctor's wife (who is a nurse mid-wife/nurse practiitioner) asks me about HRT everytime I see her. I have told her and every other practitioner in the office that I have had 2 pulmonary embolisms and 2 blood clots in my leg. This was after a new interstim implant with removal of 2 interstims.

    At the time I was also taking birth control pills to help with pain during my cycle. I was immediately taken off the bcp and told I could never take them again. Believe me, I don't want to go through the pain and stress from blood clots again!

    However, she still mentions HRT. The last time I was there, she asked me about estrogen creams. She said that they are not as risky as other types of estrogen because they don't cross into the bloodstream. I don't know if I should try this or not. I am really afraid of new blood clots.

    Since my hysterectomy, I have horrendous hot flashes that make me sick. Also, at my last appointment she said my vagina is shrinking from the loss of estrogen.

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    I use the cream. I was told that only a very tiny amount actually absorbs into the system.


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      I have always used a hormone for hot flashes and other sysmptoms of PMS.
      My uro just subscribed estrogen cream for the urthea. I have a thinning of the wall. and it has begun to thin and be painful in some areas. Using the cream may be all you need. 3 GYN have endorsed HRT.


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        Sharyn and Donna - do you take the injectible type cream with the applicator or the type your just dot on with your fingers? Do you use Premarin?
        I have an RX for Premarin cream but its the type for which you use an applicator and must insert deep into the vagina. I haven't started it yet as I have avoided hormones all my life and hate to start now.


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          I take a pill every day. I was using a e-ring, but it started to bother me. The pill contains both progresterone and estgerone. This is new to me but I seem to be doing well on it. The cream is only temp. until I get my urethea feeling better. I use an applicator. I tried using my finger but it is too hard to reach the area I need to get to. I have also used a pill you insert into the vagina, a little easier to use, but wasn't strong enough for me. I think it depends on how uncomfortable you are. A very personal decision...


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            Hormone creams

            It does not matter if you use a hormone cream "deep in the vagina" or around the outside, it is the same cream. Use it either place, no problem.
            As for the poster with blood clot problems; I just recently saw a study on the patch which is a transdermal form of estrogen and blood clots. According to the study if a person is prone to clots, the patch gives them just as much of a risk as oral. So, tell your midwife to research the current data on this, I think she is mistaken.
            I would think however, that use of a vaginal insert like Vagifem or Estrace or Premarin cream would give you the least risk for a clot. It would help with urinary tract, and vaginal symptoms but not with hot flashes.


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