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Estrace vaginal cream -comes with applicator.

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  • Estrace vaginal cream -comes with applicator.

    I would rather use it the Susan Love way and just dab it on my labia but it does come with a tampon-like tube applicator.

    Can I just dab it on my finger or do I have to use the applicator?

    Its for vaginal atrophy. Thanks!

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    for best results you should use it as directed.
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      I've been on Estrace vaginal cream for 3 years. I was told I could use the applicator or my finger, whichever was easiest and more comfortable. It doesnt particularly matter, just as long as it gets applied where its meant to be.
      Should you decide its easier for you to use your finger, make sure your hands are clean and you dont touch the tip of the tube.

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        It depends on why you are using Estrace? If it is for vaginal atrophy or PH problems, then you need to take it vaginally with the applicator. If you are using it for urethral or vulvar symptoms, then externally is why they gave it to you. When in doubt, always call the Doc or ask pharmacist how it was Rx.


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