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Vaginal Estrace users - do you take progesterone?

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  • Vaginal Estrace users - do you take progesterone?

    I just started taking Estrace (2 weeks every night to start with and M,W,F after that.)

    I was just wondering if I should be taking progesterone, too.

    I still have my uterus. I'm 63 and went into menopause 10 years ago.


    P.S. I take 1 gram only on each insertion.

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    I've been on Estrace vaginal cream for 3 years; i gram every other day, due to premature ovarian failure after a hysterectomy. I've never been told that I should be taking progesterone too.
    Since everyones hormone levels are different, along with having different medical history, I would suggest running this question by your prescribing DR to get his opinion.

    Hope this finds you well.
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      Typically, if you still have a uterus, your doctor will want you to take progesterone every two or three months to have a period. THis is to keep the lining of the uterus from building up. I am 53, have been taking 1 gram of Estrace vaginal cream three times a week for a year and take Prochieve vaginal progesterone cream once every 3 months to have a period. I also have gone through menopause and hadn't had a period in about 6 years, so I wasn't thrilled about having to go through that all again, but it is better than having the uterine lining building up. You probably need to discuss this with your doctor.


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        Vaginal Estrace

        It is up to your doctor what his general ideas about vaginal estrace in such a tiny dose regarding to progesterone or not to progesterone.
        If you still have your uterus, he may give you the option of taking a vaginal progesterone and cycling on it. It you take oral and vaginal HRT, then he could have you take oral P daily and not cycle.
        He probably will order a ultrasound to determine what your lining is to start, and then could monitor any build up if he just uses E only.


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          That's true. I take vaginal Estrace and Estrogel topical gel, as well, so that is probably why she wants me to take progesterone.