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Atrophic uro/genital irritation? Heated seats?

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  • Atrophic uro/genital irritation? Heated seats?

    I posted on this forum as I am an "over 60" Estrace cream user and I have been having a slight problem lately with frisable (uber dry, break open) genital tissue.

    At first I thought it was general friction (high crotch area in yoga pants - note that even if the legs are baggy and the waist is elastic - its the tight crotch material that will get you. These particular yoga pants have a high crotch and that can cause a lot of irritation if you are very active like me!)

    Anyway, between the tight crotch, heated seats in our car nd my proclivity for sitting (!) on a heating pad - I think I may have contributed to my own winter dryness problem.

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    I also have such a hard time with finding pants that fit so I know what you mean by the tight crotch problem. I am thick in the waist area but have thin legs and all my pants end up being so baggy in the legs. I use Estriol 5mg vaginal suppositories that are compounded three times a week. They do help with the dryness.


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      I am in my 50s and I take my hormone pills and the vaginal hormone cream. As we get older our body texture changes alot. Our virginas tend to be dryer and the walls become thinner. Women seem to go through so much or am I imanageing this. sorry for my spelling. take care and god bless you.
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        I have been taking 1 gram of Estrace 3x a week for 4 years. I quit for a while (big mistake) but have been back on consistently since June yet while I'm doing better - all is still not quite back at 100%.
        Do you think that one may need a tad more hormone cream (or whatever) as you get older?
        In other words do we "over 60's" need an increase in our amount the older we get?
        Thanks for the kind responses!