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is my estrogen level normal?

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  • is my estrogen level normal?

    I decided to get my hormone levels tested after my aunt told me her story about her frequency being related to low estrogen levels. She got a new birth control with a higher dose of estrogen and her frequency was amazingly better.
    I'm only 21 but I thought it was worth a shot. My estrogen level result turned out to be "<30". I got tested a few days before my period started. I don't really know if this is considered "low" or not.... or whether it is normal. My doctor wasn't a big help because she said it just depends where you are in your cycle.
    If anyone has any feedback, that would be wonderful. I sometimes think my frequency problem is all related to hormones and my cycle because I flare up so bad mid-cycle (like ovulation) and a week before my period.

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    It's not unusual for IC symptoms to vary with the menstrual cycle. Some ICers are on birth control medication for that very reason.

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      crescent: Yes, estrogen levels fluctuate with the menstrual cycle. And it doesn't help to just get an estrogen level done. You would get a more accurate idea of what's going on by getting baseline bloods on day 2 or 3 of your cycle consisting of your estrogen (E2), & FSH (follicle stimulating hormore). Or even your estrogen, FSH, & progesterone at mid cycle. You would have to be in premature ovarian failure at age 21, which is very rare. Your gynecologist would know if you had a POF problem.