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I think estriol is helping

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  • I think estriol is helping

    I started using Estrace on Feb 10th then switched to estriol suppositories last Thursday. I'm pretty sure I was getting stomach aches from the Estrace (Estradiol) My doc switched me to estriol which I am very pleased about since researching a bit about both. Anyway- I have been feeling better and today I felt almost normal.
    I have mild IC- frequency, burning, urgency- but enough to really screw with my day to day existence. Anyway- I also have some low estrogen- vaginal atrophy going on. I had no idea that the itching and discomfort i was feeling was due to that. All the parts are so close together down there it is hard to discern sometimes what is hurting! Anyway- I hope this is the key.
    I got my first postpartum period the weel these issues started (Jan 15) and I am nursing my 11 month old so for me it was the shift to fertile hormones that seemed to spark all this. I have had hormone issues in the past- (Infertility, PMS) and I had alot of success with herbs so I am meeting with my holistic gyno on Friday to talk through everything and come up with a good plan. I'm bringing the whole bag of stuff I am taking!

    wife, mom to three, theater professional
    diagnosed- "mild" IC Feb 10, 2011
    symptoms started on and off Nov 2010
    urgency, frequency, general bladder discomfort,itching, and other nasty feelings
    I am going completely holistic with herbs and diet to heal