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  • need advice on sex question

    Hello ladies, ok I was wondering if you guys can tell me the best condoms to buy that are lubricant and spermicidal possibly that are IC FRIENDLY and also recommend a lubricant that will not affect the condom that also isnt one of those wierd warm lubricants etc just a regular one ...Also any of u guys can tell me what positions are best that are less painful..Your help is very much appreciated.

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    Check out the icn shop on the top of this page. They have some good products for intercourse. As far as positions go, it all depends on the person and if you are flairing. Some people dont even have pain at all.


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      I use KY jelly because it is water based. The only position I can tolerate and it sometimes hurts is when I'm on top with my legs down. Anything else him on top, bent over...hurts way too much.
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