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Anyone taken Prometrium for low progesterone

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  • Anyone taken Prometrium for low progesterone

    Hi, I have had all my hormones tested and found out I have very low progesterone. The ob/gyn prescribed Prometrium for me to take for the last half of my menstrual cycle. I am finally sleeping better after 5 years of insomnia,but seem to notice an increase in frequency. Has anyone had any experiences taking Prometrium with IC?

    I have read all these sites claiming that IC is an allergic reaction to progesterone, but am not convinced. Any ideas?

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    yes my gyn increased the progesterone in my hormone pacth and immediatley I was peeing every 15minutes and bladder pain was so bad I had to go back to the lower progeterone patch with half the dose of prog in the patch. YES progesterone too much made me pee real bad it was terrible !