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How to measure "1 gram" on applicator?

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  • How to measure "1 gram" on applicator?

    Yikes. I just ran out on my 3 month maintenance plan (42.5 gm) of Estrace vaginal cream and 'have a month to go before my next tube will be mailed.
    I was able to order an emergency tube via my urogyne to be picked up at the local drugstore but can't understand how I ran out
    This dilemma led me to Google when I ran across a very informative blurb from the "Rocky Mountain Compounding Pharmacy:"

    "Vaginal Hormone Cream Information
    • The applicator is marked at 1⁄2, 1, 2, 3, and 4 gram increments. However, due to the fact that that the cream used in our vaginal hormone creams is heavier than the applicators are calibrated for it is important to note that 1 gram of your cream will actually be measured most accurately by using only 3⁄4 gram on this particular applicator.

    Now they seem to be referring to a slightly different setup than mine (individual tube and two part applicator) as their applicator seems to screw into their tube BUT it did put a "bee in my bonnet" so I checked with my doctor's assistant and she agreed saying I was never supposed to go ALL THE WAY up to the actual "one gram" mark (!!!!!!!!!) but was supposed to do "about 3/4 of THAT 1 gram mark" !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    How come no one ever told me this??? Have any of you ever heard this???????? As usual, I never got the memo!!
    Thanks for any information.