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    I was recently diagnosed with vaginal atrophy - since I'm post menopausal it's not unusual. I started the estrace cream and I can't believe how it has helped my flare. I don't have pain with ic - just bad frequency and also have pelvic floor dysfunction.

    Has anyone else been helped by the estrace cream?



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    Three years ago I had multiple UTIs back to back. I started using Estrace Cream and the infections stopped. The cream not only helps with vaginal atrophy, but also helps maintain the thickness of the bladder wall and the urethra tube. Our bladders are estrogen dependant to retain health, as are so many other areas of our bodies.


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      Its been a God blessing for me - until lately.

      I have been taking it for 5 years, 1 gram 3x a week but I'm beginning to wonder if at age 67 I need a tad more.

      Gettin' pretty dry down there and I have to supplement with Emeritas - a very gentle gel.

      A year ago I weaned myself off of it due to the hormone factor but I got a uti right away and began taking it again. It took months to replenish those hormone receptor. I'll never quit Estrace again and 'wonder if I need more, in fact!


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        Maybe the dosage needs to be adjusted as we get older-? I found out that the same med I had been taking for a long time has changed somewhat in what it is compounded with. In sensitive people (like myself) this can make a big difference.